Fishkeeper, the most cyberpunk way to keep fish, will be available in 2021

It’s 2020 and you have one mission. It’s about making cool fish as happy as possible. This is the basic idea behind Fishkeeper, the most cyberpunk way to keep fish. On the way to Steam, it will launch at the end of 2021.

However, for now, you can watch a preliminary gameplay video of Fishkeeper. This is a life simulation game with some big elements. Set up an aquarium, decorate it with sand, equipment and landscapes, then place your favorite species of fish. In the video below, you can see that you can choose between freshwater and seawater species. You also have a wide selection of accessories, plants and toys to use to make your aquarium an interesting place to live.

Fishkeepers go beyond the experience of regular aquarists by providing a way to actually hang out with fish friends. You can jump on an underwater drone called a “bachi scale” and putter between the colorful fish added to the tank.

Here is the video:

Developer Blinkclick Games says it will eventually be able to breed and sell fish. This will allow us to fund more aquariums and better equipment. But the real joy of the fishkeeper is the soothing satisfaction of making the fish happy and seeing the fish play in the wrecked ships and corals of the elegantly placed models at home.

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