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Record: 12-3
age: 27
Weight class: Featherweight
height: 5’6”
Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Next Battle:
April 30 Terrance McKinney (8-3) at LFA106 in Shawnee, Oklahoma (8-3)UFC Fight Pass).

Background: So Kyle Driscol Growing up, wrestling was his life. His older cousin was trained in mixed martial arts, so he followed in his footsteps and picked it up as well. The door opened after Driscoll passed the driving test. He practiced wrestling to train with a pro and then drove to the gym for a double session. Butt kicking was a tough lesson, but it was also irreplaceable. At the age of 17, Driscoll attended an MMA show. That night, an opponent from a local ticket seller stopped by. The promoter needed a replacement, so he asked Driscoll if he wanted it. Driscoll lied and said he was 18 years old (the minimum age to engage in a court battle in Oklahoma). Thirty minutes later, he entered and tapped a fan favorite in his first MMA battle. He eventually turned professional. After his recent defeat, he joined AKA, where he is still training among some of the best in the world – and hasn’t lost since.

skinny: As a pro, Driscoll lost three times, but not since 2017. He entered the chance of six consecutive victories in the Dana White Contender series in September. When he defeated CESMMA’s outstanding Dini Spiva for many years with a unanimous decision, its execution increased to 7 predominantly and decisively. He didn’t have a deal, but Driscoll has been at the UFC’s tongue since the event. His problem was that he couldn’t fight for a short time because of his weight loss. To fix this, Driscoll has moved to lighter weight. In addition, he focuses on his finishing abilities. This is a knock that could prevent him from winning the deal this summer. With these two adjustments, Driscoll is ready for the big show.

In his own words: “It was incredibly informative (participating in DWCS). It’s a toolbox tool whenever you’re in that cage. It’s an experience gained. It’s not the most ideal situation. But I’ve shown a lot about myself …. I’m sure I’m going to the UFC. Having to take an extra step is another introduction to the entire MMA skill set I have. It’s an opportunity. “

“… I was 22 when I decided to go to 145. Weight loss was very manageable. It started with the Battle of Combine Americas. It was a terrible weight loss, but I did everything right. I don’t leave stones. I preach it and live by it. Weight loss was just different. Contender series It was just terrible …. I took the time to size it. It’s a new race car right now. I can’t believe it. I can’t wait to drive with this new race car for the next race. “

“… Like any other match, the UFC has a tier. All these entry-level UFC guys, yeah, I think I’m ready for that. It could be this fight. As for Habib (Nurmagomedovs) and Islam (Mahachevs), I know where I am. When it’s time to cross the bridge, I’ll be in that caliber, but these top 15 Everyone except, I’m not worried at all so far. “

– MMA Sports

Five fighters who were able to make the UFC, Bellator in April wins Five fighters who were able to make the UFC, Bellator in April wins

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