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Manny PacquiaoAt the age of 42, there are only a few fights left in his career. Therefore, people pay attention whenever he is linked to a potential enemy.

The latest name is Ryan Garcia, and Pacquiao is reportedly negotiating either a battle or an exhibition. Garcia seemed to say the deal was closed on Instagram, but it’s not reportedly.

Is Pacquiao the best opponent of Pacquiao among those mentioned since Pacquiao instructed Keith Thurman to win a £ 147 major title in July 2019?

Or is there anyone else in the field of boxing or mixed martial arts who is suitable for Pacquiao at this stage of the game?

Below are the five competitions discussed for future Hall of Fame in order of appeal.

Errol Spence Jr. (Photo by Ronald Martinez / Getty Images)

The goal of all major belt holders is to unify the title. This gives fans the closest dysfunctional system to a real champion. Crawford and Spence own the remaining three titles. I’m afraid if Pacquiao faces one or the other, but if he wants to challenge himself and add to his legacy, this is the direction he should go.

Garcia is not a threat like Crawford and Spence. And he doesn’t have a fan base of Ryan Garcia. In short, Pacquiao-Mike Garcia will not create the interest that Pacquiao-Ryan Garcia does. But it may be the best match possible from a competitive point of view. Mikey Garcia, like Pacquiao, is a legitimate enemy of the small welterweight division.

Ryan Garcia. (Photo by Tim Warner / Getty Images)

I was surprised to see some people rejected King Ryan’s chances against Pacquiao. Pac-Man is bigger and more experienced than Garcia, but he is 42 years old and will be out of the ring for over a year and a half if they meet. At least on paper, this is a fiercely competitive battle. In addition, the popularity of both fighters will make the promotion an interesting vehicle.

The Pacquiao-McGregor battle is the least competitive of all possibilities. In other words, McGregor wouldn’t have a chance. This match will be a monetary reward for everything Pacquiao has given to the sport. He deserves it if he wants.And the fact that McGregor Lost to Dustin Poirier It shouldn’t matter if you should fight or not. It will still be profitable.

When Pacquiao and Garcia attend an exhibition for charity, God blesses them. They are good people. That said, I’m not at all interested in seeing it. Why I? Sparring can be interesting to watch from time to time, but there are enough real TV and streaming fights to keep me happy. If Pacquiao and Garcia want to help the underprivileged, they can donate part of their wallet. There is no exhibition.


Of course, Pacquiao will have more legitimate enemies. They include Shawn Porter, Danny Garcia, Josh Taylor and Jose Ramirez. The problem is that none of them are as interesting as the ones above.

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Five future matches ranked by appeal Five future matches ranked by appeal

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