Five of the Best Xbox Point and Click Adventures of 2020

Overcome potentially embarrassing you as you embark on dangerous points and click on adventures to save the world, rescue suffering people, or regain the precious golden cookies that bad guys crave. There are many mysterious obstacles to be taken. This is generally just the nature of the old genre. A genre that is currently thriving as developers come up with a variety of different takes for point-and-click experiences and incorporate fresh elements to make them more familiar.

If you’re on the job, it’s time for your final adventure to find the five best Xbox point-and-click adventures of 2020. Pick up your backpack and pack as many random items as you can. The previous trip. No one knows when a half-empty tube of toothpaste or discreet ornaments will help!


We find ourselves stopping in the world Note First, a game developed by Bitbitels, inspired by the work of Japanese author Haruki Murakami. The story of a young woman who gradually realizes that she is becoming forgetful and has problems just remembering her name. Is she just actually losing her memory, or is there another explanation for the situation at hand?

Under the influence of Haruki Murakami, what seemed to be a normal story soon became surreal, surrounded by strange anthropomorphic animals, the existence of ghosts, and even what they said. These are brilliantly lively with fascinating hand-painted art. It combines an interestingly designed character with a nice environment full of great shading and lighting effects. And to conclude it, narration is such a good standard that it really captures the story of Madcap.

Paying attention to everything in this pretty magical setting is important for making progress, with clues in the most unlikely places. As you can see, the solution to Memoranda’s inventory-based puzzles starts out fairly simple, but overall it’s pretty confusing, so some frustration can be expected. Eventually you will be looking for help.

Still, if you want a weird adventure that features a bunch of weird characters and is complemented by beautiful artwork, Memoranda will check those boxes.


With a complete shift from Memoranda’s relaxed and cool visuals, the next offering is definitely on the eerie side. Gettier Take us into a mysterious, chilling Victorian environment that includes a haunted spirit and her desire to uncover what’s happening in the now abandoned family home. I will go.

Blackwood Manor was once a wonderful mansion, but I learned that a young Abigail Blackwood orb-like wreckage had risen from the tomb, ruining the legacy of the whole family. All we know is that something related to the occult is the cause. Details come from documents placed as you roam the manners and surrounding areas. To move around the room freely, you need to master certain abilities and own objects to solve problems.

But the most spectacular aspect is the Goetian atmosphere of a world that captures the old and eerie atmosphere. Attention is also paid to the details of furniture recreation and the small pieces encountered, which helps to connect gameplay with folklore.

One of the sure things: Goetia on Xbox Definitely not easy. Even with ghostly power, the puzzles are challenging, but worth the effort for a really smart point-and-click adventure.

Office quest

We love to test old gray matter like you, but points and clickers do the same with a focus on the fun side rather than trying to complicate things for “puzzles” You can enjoy it like that.Fortunately, previous mobile games Office quest And its developer 11Sheep absolutely gets it.

Tired of his mundane office work, the unnamed character at the heart of the office quest is taken to a whimsical goose chase following a red orb. why? Everyone knows, but there are more important questions to ponder, especially when everyone looks ridiculous in themed coveralls. It adds slapstick humor in a world full of interesting personalities dressed up like animals and food. There is no dialogue. This ensures that it is an even more impressive feat in communicating very well what is happening.

Using inventory items to solve puzzles is a fairly standard routine in this genre, but what really shines here is the mini-games. They will experience your pace in Sudoku, Simon, Notes & Cross versions, and platform segments, as well as innovative little Mensa IQ tests.

Unless you’re anxious for a complete storytelling masterpiece, Office Quest is full of interesting situations, intriguing puzzles, and a wide variety of mini-games. Don’t hit One Sea and look back!

When there was a past

When the past was around the xbox

Before discussing the penultimate title, it’s a good idea to procure your organization. This is an emotional vehicle. Are you ready?Well, that’s When there was a past, It promises to delve into the ups and downs of love, the loss, and the way forward from such heartache.

When there is a past, you will meet Eda, who is in love with Owlman head-on. Through a series of disjointed memories, it becomes abundantly clear that everything is not going well in this love story. Each section plays a lot of her struggles to understand what’s happening to her muse. There is no narration and text-based conversation, so it basically depends on the interpretation of the story. This is easy to do if everything is very beautiful and nicely drawn. Hand-painted art and a relaxing soundtrack will really draw you in and make you feel every emotion.

In addition, puzzles are not designed to frustrate or inflate longevity. The puzzle naturally weaves into the story, creating a decent mixture of problems. We guarantee that there is logic everywhere, every corner of the solution clues, and that you are fully engaged in the procedure. It must be said that connecting clues to come up with an answer is also quite satisfying.

When there was a past Xbox Series X | S Will pull the heart string, there is a lot of charm and warmth to have. It’s enlightening, generally nice, and won’t overwhelm your brain.

Clockwork God’s hideout

And now it’s time for something completely different. Undoubtedly, this year’s best point-and-click adventure is actually a hybrid, infusing the platform into the classic genre. But it’s just barely scratching the surface when explaining the glorious hideout of the clockwork god.

The two protagonists, Ben and Dan, have very different ideas about how the adventure should unfold. Ben loves good chinwags and collects useless tats on his backpack, but Dan is full of energy and wants to run, jump and push things. This culmination shows that when these longtime friends try to save the world, the best of both of the aforementioned genres are brought to the experience. Everyone’s destiny depends on Ben’s conversation skills, innovative ideas, and Dan’s platform capabilities. Yeah, we are destined.

First and foremost, the satirical approach of the clockwork God’s hideout connects you. The writing is spotted with perfectly timed jokes, self-deprecating humor, and quite a few well-placed shots in the gaming industry. Aside from funny moments, conversations between characters are almost never wasted, as they increase your attachment to the story and sometimes seem to captivate you with explicit nostalgia.

The level design is also commendable. Race between platforms that resemble a pointed blue hedgehog for a minute before joining the next spooky stealth-based segment. The developer’s size five game managed to narrow down the VR experience and visual novel parody to ensure that there were no boring moments.

The clockwork hideout god will definitely make you laugh, but it’s one of the rarest products with lots of cracking ideas that you’ve rarely seen before. Xbox store..

Now that you’re in the top five Xbox Point and Click Adventures of 2020, be sure to check it out. Do you have any favorite points and clickers this year? If it’s not specifically on the list, please let us know what it is in the comments section below.

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5 of the best Xbox Point and Click Adventures of 2020

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