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Indiana played well in the stretch, but suffered a 69-60 defeat in Illinois on Saturday afternoon and was unable to overcome the overwhelming performance of junior guard Ayo Dosunmu. Due to the defeat, Hoosiers fell to 5-4 overall and 0-2 in Big Ten Conference.

Here are five points from defeat to Fighting Ilini:

• Dosunmu dominates: For half, Indiana seemed to be able to hold back Illinois national candidate Ayo Dosunmu.

Indiana dragged only 29-27 during the break, holding down Dosunmu with only 8 shots and 10 points in the first half. Dosunmu wasn’t a hunt shot, he involved his teammates early and tried not to force anything.

But as his team ended in 49-44, Dosum made his move. At the end of the game at 9:47, Dosunmu exploded at 18 points, showing why he was arguably the best guard in the country.

“Ayo played at the MVP level tonight,” Archie Miller said. “He played every big thing for them. When there is that guy who can go to the end of the game like that, it causes a lot of problems for everyone else.”

Based on his post-match comments, the timing of the Dosunmu hero was not a coincidence.

“I played mind games with them,” Dosunmu explained. “On all of my ball screens, they were a kind of hard hedge, but I was playing right 6-7 times in a row, and their big started to be lazy and happy. When I kept coming off, they were hoping I would just keep playing right and hit the corners. I just played a mind game with them.

“I knew around the 9 or 10 minute mark, they thought I was going to hit a corner or a shake when I got off the ball screen, and Trace. I saw Jackson Davis. He went in and out immediately, when I got in there, lowered the floater, laid up and got a simple transition 3. So basically I was playing mind games with them, watching a lot of movies and knew that the longer the game time, the more lazy their tendencies would be, so I wanted to attack it. I just did. “

• Cockburn wins the battle with Jackson Davis: Illinois sophomore Coffey Cockburn beat Trace Jackson Davis on Saturday afternoon in a two-man match between Big Ten’s elite Big Ten.

Jackson Davis struggled to finish on the rim all night, and his ability to change the size and shot of the cockburn played a role. Jackson Davis finished in three-thirteenths in two seconds with 11 points, a minimum of eight rebounds of the season, but none of them reached the aggressive glass.

Jackson Davis also fought foul trouble in the second half and was limited to 31 minutes, a few times below the season average.

Meanwhile, Cockburn scored his sixth double-double in 10 games this season, scoring 15 points and 15 rebounds in 30 minutes.

• Franklin continues to shine aggressively: After a modest offensive start to the season, which averaged 8.8 points in the team’s first five games, Armarn Franklin continued his offensive breakout against Illinois.

The 6-foot-4 guard from the cathedral scored 23 points with an 8-12 shot from the field, scoring the highest points of his career for the third time in four games. Franklin scored 3 points 5-6 in his defeat on Saturday. In the last four games of Indiana, he’s 26 17 (65.3 percent) from behind the arc.

For programs that have struggled to find a knockdown shooter throughout the Miller era, Hoosiers can finally welcome the man to Franklin.

In nine games this season, Franklin is 19/38 from a distance and has already scored three points, more than all of the freshman season (17).

• Finize and Durham bounce after first half silence: Junior Rob Finize and senior Al Durham Jr., who got off the bench for the first time this season, weren’t visible in the first half of the match on Saturday.

The duo played against Illinois for a total of 20 minutes in the first half, scoring no points, assists or rebounds. Given the lack of production from the two most experienced players, Indiana was fortunate enough to only track 29-27.

Both players, who also fought Northwestern University last Wednesday, reacted later in the State Farm Center.

Finize was more aggressive in looking for his shot in the second half, scoring 4 points and assisting in 9 minutes. Durham was even better, scoring 9 points with a 4-of-9 shot in the 16th and a half minutes.

• Increased rotation in the first half of Saturday’s loss and less turnover helps attack: Miller said he might need to play with more guys after losing to Northwest on Wednesday, and did exactly that in the first half of Saturday’s match.

Nine different players recorded at least five minutes in the first half at the State Farm Center, and Jordan Geronimo was the only available scholarship player who did not record one minute before halftime. Geronimo was involved in a fight in the second half and knocked down three pointers in four minutes.

But the biggest plus of the loss was the fact that Indiana took care of the ball on Saturday. Hoosiers has committed only eight sales to just 12.1 sales. It was the third time in nine games that Indiana achieved its goal of less than 10 turnovers, which Miller often refers to.

“That’s the way we have to play,” Miller said. “Trace isn’t 3 to 13 in every game. I find it unpleasant to see, we have two different guys playing with a little more confidence to help the cause. Must get. We need to keep playing the bench. We have to keep moving the ball. It wasn’t perfect, but in the one-possession game with 3 minutes remaining, the attack is Did not beat us. “

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Five Points from Indiana’s Defeat in Illinois-Inside the Hall Five Points from Indiana’s Defeat in Illinois-Inside the Hall

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