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Indiana dropped the Big Ten Opener 74-67 on Wednesday night in the Assembly Hall at Northwestern University. Hoosiers struggled to defend the chase audio at once, and had too many long-scoring droughts, resulting in an overall fall to 5-3.

Here are five points from the defeat to Wildcats:

• Another non-stimulating start: Indiana overcame a slow start with Butler on Saturday and cleared up an unmanned bulldog in the second half of the run. Hoosiers did not have such a luxury against Northwestern University on Wednesday. Northwestern University was confident following Sunday’s 14-point victory over Michigan State University.

Indiana’s start was so bad that Northwestern University finally took the lead for more than 29 minutes, 15 points behind the 5:31 mark in the first half of the game. This wasn’t a fluke loss, as Hoosiers were thoroughly beaten at both ends in most games.

“I thought we were stinking at both ends of the floor,” Archie Miller said after the match. “There were a lot of breakdowns, a lot of sloppyness, and it beat us.”

Ultimately, responsibility begins with the mirror and ends with the mirror. The person who took full responsibility at the press conference after the match.. The challenge for Miller is to understand the late starts and prevent them from continuing to happen. With the relentless Big Ten schedule, Hoosiers can’t afford to dig a big hole early on and expect success.

• Indiana offers little defensive resistance: Hoosiers participated in the game on Wednesday, which was ranked in the top 10 defensively nationwide with Ken Pom’s adjusted defensive efficiency. No opponent scored more than one point against IU in the first seven games.

Northwestern University, however, burned Indiana inside the 3-point line by making 67.7 percent of its two. Wildcats were 12/16 (75%) in dunks and layups and 9/15 (60%) in the other two-point attempts. Indiana blocked only two shots and couldn’t stop the dribble from invading, and Northwestern backup bigman Ryan Young scored 13 points and four aggressive rebounds in 21 minutes. ..

Indiana reveals the depth Joey Brunck would have provided in his post if Joey Brunck’s absence forced Trace Jackson Davis to play a huge amount of time per match. I have lost it. Jackson Davis recorded nearly 36 minutes on Wednesday and played more than 34 minutes in four of the last five games.

“We need to bite the bullet here and we need to go a little deeper,” Miller said. “Play more guys to maintain the defensive depth needed throughout the season.”

• Long-term score drought continues: The deployment of the Indiana attack lags behind defense throughout the Miller era in Bloomington. Poor free throws and three-pointers continued throughout Miller’s tenure, with Indiana achieving nearly 39% of three seconds on Wednesday, but only 62.5% of free throws in 16 attempts. It was.

Wednesday’s aggressive performance was well known in that it featured some long-scoring droughts. Hoosiers had 4 different instances and had no points in game time above 2:12. Two of those instances saw Indiana scoreless above 3:36.

The most devastating drought came after Indiana, a four-man lead at 8:56 with a pair of race Thompson free throws at 54-50. Indiana didn’t score again until the 4:49 mark. By that time, Northwestern University had opened an eight-point lead that it wouldn’t give up.

• Sales are still a big issue: In Miller’s first three years, he often cited less than 12 turnovers as a team goal.

This season he mentioned more ambitious goals than 10 or several turnovers per game, but this has only been achieved twice. Indiana made eight turns against Tennessee Tech and more than nine times against Providence in the opening round. Indiana has 16 turns over Northwestern. In the last six games, Hoosiers has averaged 15.1 turnovers per game.

In the Northwestern defeat, Jackson-Davis struggled with some of the reads needed to do defensively, with five turnovers. The Tray Galloway had four turnovers in 22 minutes from the bench. Armarn Franklin has had three turnovers in loss and 16 turnovers in the last five games for all the improvements he has shown. The mistake was a team-wide issue, and Miller pondered the change when he talked about sales issues late Wednesday night.

“Too many plays go wrong to move forward in this league,” Miller said. “You can’t spin the ball more than 16 times at home. We can’t spin the ball more than 16 times, we’re not that good. Currently, there are 5 or 6 games that need to be trimmed. Maybe that Should be slowed down. We aren’t playing that many people anyway, and if we keep flipping the ball in transitions with numbers, maybe to make sure we don’t flip it over. Should be a little slower. “

• Audige rushes northwest after the invisible first half: It was the story of two halves for the Northwest Guard Chase Audige in his first Big Ten Road game.

After playing with a foul in just three minutes in the first half, the audience participated in the meetinghouse in the second half. In 15 and a half minutes, William & Mary’s transfer fired a 6-of-8 from the field, scoring 17 points. It was a surprising performance for the player who scored a total of 16 points in the previous two games at Northwestern University.

“I give Audige a lot of credit,” Miller explained. “The first half was fouled out, but the second half was a confident man. He came in making some really big plays and some big guys for them.”

Meanwhile, Indiana’s two senior guards were barely visible aggressively. Alderram Jr. scored only 2 points in 36 minutes and Rob Finize scored only 4 points in 23 minutes. The duo joined to shoot one-ninth off the floor.

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Five points from Indiana’s defeat to the northwest-inside the hall Five points from Indiana’s defeat to the northwest-inside the hall

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