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Indiana improved to 2-2 at Big Ten Defeat Maryland 63-55 Monday night at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall. Hoosiers are currently 7-4 overall and will travel to Madison to play Wisconsin on Thursday night.

Here are five points from the victory over Terrapins:

• Trace Jackson-Davis dominates at once: At a press conference on Sunday afternoon, Trace Jackson Davis emphasized the importance of Indiana doing a better job in the last eight minutes of the game.

Indiana fell in the second half of the match against Florida State University, Northwestern University, and Illinois, resulting in a severe defeat. The chances of missing out on a match against Pennsylvania State University last week continued, but Hoosiers narrowed the range to 87-85 with some important play and overtime by Rob Finize at the end of the regulation.

On Monday, Indiana reversed the trend by leaving Maryland in the last 10 minutes. Jackson Davis dominated the second half of the game after an unstable first half and struggling to finish the point blank look on the rim. The sophomore forward scored 17 out of 22 points in the second half, ending with 22 points and 15 rebounds in the season’s third double-double.

Jackson Davis was a reliable painter throughout the season, but his in-game consistency has often diminished. With the victory in the Province of Maryland, Jackson-Davis seemed to switch on in the final stretch of the game.

“Trace was big. He obviously turned it over in the second half. That’s what a good player does,” Archie Miller said. “In the first half, I didn’t think he played any weaker around the rim. Then in the second half, he jumped, rebounded, aggressively sticked back, fouled, and much more himself. We had a really great second half for us. “

• Indiana dominates aggressive glass: Rebounds were a weakness in Indiana this season, but Hoosiers took the front line of Maryland, which took a big step after the lottery Jalen Smith left.

Hoosiers grabbed 12 aggressive rebounds on Monday with an aggressive rebound rate of 30.8. Indiana had four 14-second chance points in Maryland. This is the main reason Hoosiers was able to overcome its horrifying shooting performance (37.3%).

“It really came down to a rebound,” said Maryland coach Mark Tarjon. “I kicked the tail on the board and got a 14 second chance point. That was the difference.”

Indiana continues to struggle to make shots around him, so he needs to continue to improve his aggressive rebounds. Throughout the four Big Ten games, Indiana ranks only 11th in the league with an aggressive rebound rate (21.9).

• Indiana’s three-point fire hasn’t shown any concrete improvement yet: After four above-average 3-point shooters against North Alabama, Butler, Northwestern, and Illinois, the percentage of Indiana 3-point shooters has returned to the level of the last three seasons in the last two games.

Hoosiers were the worst of the season at 18.2% in 3 seconds on Monday. Throughout the four Big Ten games, they are shooting just 31.2% in 3 seconds. Mirror’s attacks have never prioritized 3-point shooting as the main source of points, but the lack of border threats continues to limit the program’s attack limits.

Armarn Franklin provided an answer to some of Indiana’s peripheral shooting problems by knocking down 47.6% of the three in the first 10 games, but with an ankle injury early in the victory on Monday. I fell down.

According to Miller, Franklin was considered suspicious of Indiana’s next two games and was able to leave the Hoosiers without the only reliable shooting threat to conclude the week.

• Defense blocks Maryland late: Indiana sometimes struggled defensively in the first three Big Ten games, as all opponents in the league scored more than 1.04 points per possession. Hoosiers held Illinois to just 69 points with a 69-60 defeat on December 26, but abandoned 74 points to Northwestern and 87 points to Pennsylvania in the first two league home games.

On Monday, Indiana reduced the terrapin to just 12 points at the last 10:20 of the game. By the final buzzer, Maryland had scored only .855 points per property. This is the second lowest output of the season and the worst output ever in Big Ten Conference.

“Our border people almost always did very well in communication games that had to make a lot of switches,” Miller said. “We made more switches than in the last few games. This didn’t burn much.”

• Thompson provides highly needed front coat production at both ends: Like Jackson Davis, Race Thompson’s performance was just as important in winning the Maryland victory.

Thompson also had a double-double with 13 points and 11 rebounds. He made all five free throws, efficient 4 to 6 in 2 seconds, and did a good defensive job in a ball screen situation.

“I thought Race Thompson was probably one of the best games of the season for our team,” Miller said. “He had double-double, but I found it very important to defend the dribble, especially in this game. He did a really good job there.”

Thompson still needs to make a consistently better rebound, but he continues to be a strong defender on the rim with 19 block shots throughout 10 games. His block rate at the conference is fourth in the league.

“Coaches say they win the game if they get the most rebounds in the game,” Thompson said. “So, after all, I and Trace need to do our job and get as many rebounds as possible through the game. If we get more than the other teams, the result will be what we want. . “

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Five points from Indiana’s victory over Maryland-inside the hall Five points from Indiana’s victory over Maryland-inside the hall

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