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The Seattle Seahawks defense grew when they scored their tenth win of the season in Washington.

anytime Seattle Seahawks Joining a team led by Ron Rivera will settle the game. Every time I met the Seahawks while Rivera was in Carolina, the game was always an old school and a physical style game. Well, there was no difference in the 15th week. Washington couldn’t launch the attack in a hurry, but could find a way to move the ball down the field in the fourth quarter.

Washington went down five in less than two minutes, scoring three times in a row, and working to bring upsets. But the last two big plays that came up were the Seattle Seahawks defensive line, which sealed the victory. Full Seattle resilience, Rough victory Over Washington with the help of Jets, the Seahawks are now back in number one in the NFC West.

Here are five points from a playoff clinch win:

Efficient with 3 down

Last month or so (other than the Jets game), I was critical of the Seahawks’ third down rate. He was in the lower half of the league and was worried as the playoffs approached. Against Washington, they were over 40% in 3 downs, and that’s not great, but it’s promising. Most of the past third down struggle was due to the third and long. The Seahawks fixed themselves to the wall, whether it was a sack, a penalty, or simply a lack of rush attack.

Now, against Washington, Rungame was the driving force behind this attack in the end zone. The success of the run put the Seahawks in third place and below, allowing them to convert in most games. Washington imposes a strategy similar to the Giants. The Giants dropped two safety points into coverage in an attempt to steal large-scale play on the field. They succeeded in doing so, but they remained vulnerable to run games and short routes.

The Seahawks used it for most of the game. In fact, it helped them convert on their third down. In most short third downs, Seattle lined up with Shoutgan and handed it over to either Chris Carson or Carlos Hyde. Seattle’s Offensive Line is built to be a better run-blocking group than the Pass Group. We saw it fully exhibited in a victory over Washington.

One of the important things to keep in mind as we move forward towards this Seattle attack is the success or failure of the third down. More and more teams will incorporate two high levels of security into their forward-moving strategies, especially in the playoffs. As a result, you will see shorter yard routes for DK Met Calf and Josh Gordon. The Tyler Rocket is very efficient at finding soft spots in the zone and for his man to run in one-on-one defense. The twelve should be confident that this Seahawks attack will move forward.

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Five points from the 15th week victory over Washington Five points from the 15th week victory over Washington

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