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The Toronto Raptors don’t feel like the Raptors team we’re used to after a bad start to the season.

The Toronto Raptors have lost both first games for the first time since the 2012-2013 season. Most of us and the Raptors haven’t gotten used to it in recent years.

Their first defeat against the Pelican was disappointing, and it got worse when the heat easily beat the pelican two days later — the heat was on the same level as the Raptors last season. The Raptors bounced off in a second game with the Spurs, but still got a short end to the stick.

Don’t panic (yet). It’s just two games, and the Raptors are still understanding it. Anyway, the Raptors still have a lot of mistakes, which leaves me (and the fan base) a lot of questions so far-a great example: why Malaki Flynn isn’t playing?

Things are working properly with the Toronto Raptors, just as Pascal Siakam is the legitimate creator / playmaker of the team. But there are still far more mistakes than correct, so mistakes must be the focus.

1. Siakam plays the playoffs of the regular season

Pascal Siakam It’s one of the few glorious spots for the Toronto Raptors for the team. His playmaking, shooting and decision making have all improved. Three things that Nick Nurse has hinted at improving as the new season begins. However, His improved play That shouldn’t be the reason he puts such a heavy load early in the season.

Siakam has played the best game in minutes so far in both games — 38 against Pelicans and 43 against Spurs. Statistics that are worrisome for players who trust everything the Raptors do. Especially in the Spurs game, Siakam’s fatigue was fully demonstrated in the second half.

  • First half statistics line: 21:37 MIN / 12 PTS / 5 AST / 12 REB / 1 STL / 1 BLK / 5-12 FG
  • Second half statistics line: 21:25 MIN / 4 PTS / 3 AST / 3 REB / 0 STL / 0 BLK / 1-4 FG

The drop-off of play is important, which is why the Raptors rose 7 after the first half. By the second half, Siakam looked tired and wasn’t quite like the players in the first half.

Siakam’s game requires a lot of energy and movement, which is why it makes him so hard to stop. But when he’s not resting while commanding the offense and playing the elite defense, it’s a difficult task.

There should be no reason for Siakam to play such a heavy time in regular season games. Not surprisingly, there is no substitute for Siakam, and nurses don’t want to be too late in the game. However, if the nurse wants to get the most out of him for the entire duration of the game, Siakam needs more rest.

It can start by relying more on OG Anunoby on the attacking side to replace Siakam’s minutes when he is off.

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Five problems with the Toronto Raptors after the start of the non-winning season Five problems with the Toronto Raptors after the start of the non-winning season

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