Fixed an issue with Legion save corruption

Ubisoft is preparing for the big moon.When Assassin’s Creed Valhara Scheduled to be released next week, this month could be the biggest month ever for mega publishers. However, there is an urgent need to fix one of the current releases. Watch Dogs: Legion Unleashed last week, players were able to enter the city of London of the future and fight its power. Players have reported a number of game issues, especially with respect to their storage system. If you don’t quit the game properly, the saved data seems to be erased. I watch Russian roulette games every time I play because there is only one save slot available and there is no way to save it manually. Ubisoft is aware of the problem and Watch Dogs: Legion Working to save rot.

Unfortunately, that takes time. The fix may not come out until early next week, so fans will have to sit firmly for a while. Ubisoft has set a fix deadline of November 9th to address this issue.Details are also shared Watch Dogs: Legion Save the corruption in a forum post. The game seems to take a considerable amount of time if saved at the end. This has led many players to assume that the game will get stuck when it occurs. Not surprisingly, some players started using Alt + F4 to force the game to end. as a result, Watch Dogs: Legion Save corruption bugs grow that ugly head.

Different experience

According to some explanations, the storage process can range from as short as 5 minutes to even more ridiculous lengths. One user shared that he tried to exit the main menu, went for a walk with his dog, and returned to a game that was still stuck. At the moment, waiting for it seems to be the only safe option to avoid. Watch Dogs: Legion Save rot.

The workaround is also shared by another Reddit user. Players must disable cloud services and launch Ubisoft Connect in offline mode.Then you need to set Watch Dogs: Legion App affinity for single core. You can do this while the game is running. Go to the Windows taskbar and[詳細]Go to, right-click on the game process and set Affinity to Single Core. You can now return to the game and exit the main menu. Then it should take some time.

Ubisoft working on fix for Watch Dogs: Legion save corruption

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