Flash Film Theory: Flashpoint villains are hidden in obvious sight

Flash point

Barry Allen is here. This incredibly sharp and terrifying new DCEU Flash costume seems to be lurking in front of his childhood home. Why is this important?Well, as established at Flashpoint (and also again Batman vs Superman Justice Birth When Justice LeagueBarry’s mother was mysteriously killed here, and his father was sent to jail for a crime. The crimes he says he hasn’t committed, and also the crimes Barry doesn’t believe he’s responsible for. And he is right. Because it was Eobard Thawne of Reverse Flash who returned from the future to kill his biggest enemy mother.

If Barry realizes that he has the ability to use his speed to move time ( Conclusion Zack Snyder Justice League), He decided to change the past by preventing the murder of his mother. By doing so, he changes the present and realizes that he is in a present that is a little different from what he is familiar with.

Now, flash It’s not clear if the film is involved, Barry is trying to change the past, or he’s just exploring the Multiverse trying to reconnect with his mother. No doubt Nora Allen.

Other possibilities (and what we saw in both the cartoon and television versions Flash pointThis is Barry, who awakens after changing the past and is surprised to find herself in the reality that her mother is still alive. Either way, we’re still not sure what’s going on.

Now, like the cartoon, Barry seems to be looking for Bruce Wayne to help him understand his strange situation. And why doesn’t he do that?Ben Affleck Batman Being a friend and mentor of Barry in DCEU, he needs to go find him. Of course, he finds Keaton’s old Batman instead (in the cartoon he finds Thomas Wayne as Batman, but that’s a completely different story).The above image of Barry and his mother Earth-89, The same world where Burton Batman’s film takes place, or after Barry made another multiversal hop?

Use the former for the first shot of the footage mentioned above …

Flash Film Theory: Flashpoint villains are hidden in obvious sight

https://www.denofgeek.com/movies/the-flash-movie-theory-flashpoint-villain-hiding-in-plain-sight/ Flash Film Theory: Flashpoint villains are hidden in obvious sight

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