Flash movie brings Ron Livingston to replace Billy Crudup as Barry Allen’s dad

Several changes are underway for the next flash movie, with Ron Livingston riding to play the title character’s dad, Henry Allen. Variety reports that Office Space stars have replaced Billy Crudup, who had to leave the movie due to schedule conflicts.

A dispute has arisen due to COVID. Flash was supposed to start shooting earlier, but when delayed due to a pandemic, it caused a clash with other Crewdap commitments, including Apple’s television show “Morning Show.”

Variety also reports that Ian Law has joined the cast of the film to play the young Barry Allen. Ezra Miller replays his role from Batman v Superman and Justice League and plays the adult version of Flash. In addition, Internet-famous Saoirse-Monica Jackson (Derry Girls) and Rudy Mankuzo have been added to the cast in unspecified roles.

For the rest of the cast of Flash, Maribel Verdu plays Barry Allen’s mother, and Variety says she plays an “important role” in the story. Ben Affleck returns to play Batman again, but Michael Keaton plays another Batman from another dimension.

The Young and the Restless Sasha Kaje will play the Supergirl.

Andrés Muschietti, who directed the new Stephen King It movie, directs Flash from the script of the bird of prey Christina Hodson.

The flash will be released in theaters on November 4, 2022. It’s Flash’s first standalone movie for the new DCEU.

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