Flash TV episodes we almost saw

“I thought we took a step there,” recalls Bilson. “Since Trickster, it looked like” OK “. Now you know what you can do here. You can make a mirror master.We can do all these things “and then we were going to be back in 2 hours [season two premiere] Three big villains teamed up … it was supposed to be Captain Cold, Trickster, and Mirror Master. “

The Captain Cold and Mirror Master versions weren’t as loyal to the comic counterparts as Hamil’s Trickster, but they were still a recognizable threat from the comics. The show’s Captain Cold wasn’t Leonard Snart, but albino hitman Leonard Winters with an atomic freeze ray. The Mirror Master was played by David Cassidy, and his specialty was holograms. Despite the show’s tweaks, the effect was the same, and the TV’s original flash was building his own rogue gallery.

As fans of both flash comics and current television series know, the only thing Central City villains enjoy more than miserable Barry’s life is doing it in large groups. And long before superhero (or villain) team-ups became an integral part of this kind of on-screen storytelling strategy. flash In 1991, the interpretation of these villains was summarized in a two-hour television event, much like the show premiered in Barry’s two-hour Origin Story.

Unfortunately, the script and overview weren’t written, so it didn’t go beyond the basic idea.

“I’ve finished shooting the last episode. I think it was canceled during the shoot, or shortly after, and probably shortly after,” says Bilson. “So we didn’t start on the road to next season … but we had plans and intentions, and we couldn’t do that … we wrote it Never. We never broke the story. We knew that was what we wanted to do. “

Flash TV episodes we almost saw

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