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Bending wings were a perennial topic in F1 and reappeared in 2021 when two separate aeros between Mercedes and Red Bull centered.

After the Spanish Grand Prix in May, Mercedes was dissatisfied with Red Bull’s “Bendy” rear wing, and the test at the French Grand Prix became even more stringent, and the rules were revised by changing the design of the rear wing.

The role was reversed near the end of the fiercely contested season as Red Bull had problems designing the rear wing of Mercedes in various races, including Brazil. I believe it found the “score mark” This is alleged to indicate excessive bending to increase linear speed.

After conducting additional exploratory checks over the Qatar Grand Prix weekend, the FIA ​​said no evidence of foul play was found, but identified ways to improve the way flex tests are scheduled to be adjusted in 2022. ..

McLaren MCL35M rear wing detail

Photo courtesy of: Giorgio Piola

According to McLaren’s Tech Chief Key, a radical overhaul of both front and rear wing designs and a new 2022 technical regulation focused on ground effect will allow teams to play with the aeroelasticity of their cars. It provides some room.

However, he admits that flexi wings can be “some form of problem”, but tight regulations make it difficult for teams to find exploits, especially after the attention of last year’s topic. thinking about.

“I think the sensitivity of Aeroelastic has changed, which I think is well understood from the regulations that have been discussed in detail, how to better manage flexible components,” Key said. I am.

“Some tests are more rigorous-for example, the rear wing test will be a bit more rigorous-and some of what happened [in 2021] These areas will continue until 2022, and I think a lot of attention has been paid to them.

“The 2022 front wing is huge, but it still has very strict guidelines for stiffness, so I’m sure there are always some tricks to play, but I don’t think it’s easy to use.

“Because the car has several different components that can have a certain level of stiffness that can be legally used, there are a variety of new tools available in 2022.

“It’s probably some form of problem, but that’s not something the team or the FIA ​​is ignoring. It’s a fairly clear area where we’re very careful to properly regulate for next year.”

Additional report by Luke Smith and Jonathan Noble

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Flexi Wing is difficult to exploit in F12022, but can be a problem Flexi Wing is difficult to exploit in F12022, but can be a problem

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