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Developer Asobo’s Flight Simulator is a stunningly beautiful game at first glance in that direction, but it’s not always perfect for capturing details. That’s where the semi-regular World Updates come in, and the latest, currently available, offers the upgrades that are highly needed for the vast expanse of the United States.

Flying over Manhattan and Disney World, you may feel that Flight Simulator’s US representation is already detailed enough. From the incredible depth of the Grand Canyon to the iconic majesty of Monument Valley, set out to admire the country’s countless geological wonders. Thanks to the fairly wool satellites and elevation data used to generate the illusion can begin to collapse quite dramatically on the base game Earth.

Join Asobo’s second world update following Japan’s gorgeous overhaul in September. This brings significant improvements to numerous geological and man-made landmarks in the United States, making already beautiful games even more breathtaking. One if possible.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator-US World Update Trailer.

Monument Valley, for example, is no longer a series of unfortunately obscure mounds, but much closer to a dazzling real mound. This is a story similar to Hoover Dam’s, and I’m excited to see James Bond launching with a solid and impressive structure, no longer a series of annoying and impossible textures with strange swells.

World Update 2 adds four new handmade airports (Atlanta, Dallas / Fort Worth, Friday Harbor, New York Stewart), in addition to improving the digital elevation model to increase geological fidelity in specific areas. Visually improved 48 and 50 airports in. New and interesting points such as El Capitan in Yosemite, Monument Rocks in Kansas, Mesa Verde Cliff Palace, Kennedy Space Center and Tucson Airport Cemetery.

In addition to all this, Asobo has added new Discovery Flight options, incorporating some of the iconic locations on the East Coast, and adding a new bush trip across the wilderness of Alaska. Full details, including various fixes and performance improvements, can be found in the patch notes that accompany today’s free World Update 2 release.


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