“Flip Champs Dual Strike” is the most advanced “Flip Champs”, but it will be released on December 3rd – Touch Arcade

We are big fans of Brad Erkkila, the developer of these parts, and not only do we collaborate frequently with our favorite Colin Lane, but we are also his own skilled creator. Almost five years ago, Erkkila released a unique and competitive arcade game. Flip Champs.. Two competitors faced each other in an arena with a total of four platforms, one in each corner of the arena. Tap one of the corners and your competitors will flip it over. The goal was to collect enough of the orbs displayed on the screen to charge the attack and nail the opponent with that attack. Hopefully I could have done all of this before I had an opponent.

Flip Champs It was a fun game in itself, but it required some kind of multiplayer mode that I received in the form of a local multiplayer update on the same device shortly after its release.Then, in the summer of 2017, Erkkila released an improved flesh take. Flip Champs Called Flip Champs has been reloaded It featured several more detailed visuals, a roster of playable characters, each with a unique attack, and more modes to play.Now the third entry Flip Champs The series goes a step further and it’s called Flip Champs Dual Strike.. check it out.

as you can see, Flip Champs Dual Strike Enhance your presentation department’s ante by having a real cool animated background, not just a solid background. To that end, the game has eight playable characters, each with its own theme arena. Another change this time around is the addition of a full-fledged single-player quest mode where each character has two special attacks instead of one, allowing each character to pass through and reveal their own ending. .. Infinite arcade mode is back here too, so high score fans don’t have to worry. Flip Champs Dual Strike Sounds like the ultimate Flip Champs Please experience. You can pre-order for free on the App Store now, prior to the release scheduled for December 3rd.

‘FlipChamps Dual Strike’ is the Most Advanced ‘FlipChamps’ Yet, Launching December 3rd

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