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Florida truck driver of the Canadian Convoy: “We are here to participate in the movement”

Vaughan, Ontario — Florida-based owner-operator De Andre Mahadeo, like other truck drivers past a swarm of supporters outside Toronto, sees off as he prepares for the capital Ottawa on Thursday. I received it. Protest the obligation of COVID-19 vaccine At the border.

Hundreds of people of all ages called them heroes, and even freedom fighters, as the parking lot of Vaughan Mall was paraded by 15-20 trucks and hundreds of passenger cars. Some handed out boxes of cookies, brownies and other snacks.

“We are here to participate in the movement,” said Mahadeo, 30, a dual citizen of the United States and Canada, who regularly moves cargo in both countries. “We need to completely end these restrictions.”

Tracker DeAndre Mahadeo takes pictures while preparing to join the Freedom Convoy. (Photo: Nate Tabak)

Throughout the Toronto area, elevated road supporters assisted the convoy as they proceeded along Canada’s busiest freight routes.

Mahadeo has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, so border orders have not affected his work. He keeps auto parts moving between countries.

But long-distance truck drivers, who consider both countries their hometowns, believe that much more is happening behind the vaccination requirements.

Born in Guyana, Mahadeo said, “There is certainly a lot of government overkill in the United States, Canada, and around the world.” “The government is using this as an opportunity to gain more leverage for people.”

Mahadeo spoke when his truck was inching forward while his convoy was preparing to join a larger one from Niagara, Ontario. Under the auspices of Freedom Convoy, multiple convoys are heading towards Ottawa from the weekend — the largest are from western Canada.

Several trucks in front of Ontario owner and operator Tom Slawinsky’s Mahadeo have expressed dissatisfaction with the US and Canadian governments. But for unvaccinated drivers, the results were more immediate, as he can now only carry domestic cargo unless he is shot.

“I can’t make money,” Slawinski said.

The protest convoy to Ottawa Vaccine obligations imposed by the United States and Canada About cross-border drivers earlier this month. However, they have emerged as a pandemic-related restriction and a gathering point for Canadians against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s own government.

“I tried to join the group that did this, but it’s always a bit confusing. It feels like it’s gaining momentum,” said Carolyn Carrie of Newmarket, Ontario.

Carrie said he equated an unvaccinated cross-border driver who was fired from a housekeeping job at the hospital after refusing to take a shot.

“I can choose a vaccine and I shouldn’t have to force vaccination,” she said.

There were comments in addition to the anger of the crowd Trudeau made on Wednesday About the convoy.

“Minorities on their way to Ottawa have the unacceptable views they express, but they do not represent the Canadian views,” Trudeau said.

Many in the crowd had signs calling for the Prime Minister, including one with the words “Truck Frudeau.”

The organizers of Freedom Convoy say that 50,000 trucks will be gathered in Ottawa. So far, reports from across Canada show that the single found in Saskatchewan has a small number of individual convoys, from hundreds of vehicles to more than 1,000. On Wednesday, Ottawa police said they were expecting 1,000 to 2,000 protesters.

Freedom Convoy’s GoFundMe campaign continues to receive donations. As of Thursday night, more than $ 6.3 million (US $ 5 million) had been raised.GoFundMe earlier this week said Will not release the funds Until it receives a plan to pay the money from the organizer.

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Florida truck driver of the Canadian Convoy: “We are here to participate in the movement” Florida truck driver of the Canadian Convoy: “We are here to participate in the movement”

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