FNATIC miniSTREAK keyboard and React headset

With the increasing popularity of esports franchises, it’s not surprising to see their products opening more and more. London-based organization Fnatic does not expect the release of a variety of brand-characteristic peripherals. Take a look at the miniSTREAKTENKEYLESS keyboard and REACTE SPORTS PERFORMANCE HEADSET.

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When migrating from a non-mechanical keyboard to a mechanical keyboard, I was a little uncertain how much I wanted it. Mechanical keyboards are usually noisy and the feel when using the keys is clearly different. As someone who regularly plays with friends through discord and streams, I didn’t want anything that would bleed with lots of background noise.

Thankfully, the miniSTREAKTENKEYLESS is about as loud as previous keyboards. The Speed ​​Silver mechanical switch isn’t quiet, but it turns out to be less disturbing than the one I used before. Also, there were no excessive clicks or ticking complaints from friends. However, if you’re interested in the sound from your keyboard, you also have the option of Silent Red miniSTREAK.

I play a lot of FPS shooters, and most of them are movements. I want to be sure that the keyboard responds exactly as I want. Speed ​​Silver Switch with miniSTREAK provides just such accuracy and responsiveness.

The speed silver switch on the miniSTREAK has the lowest spring resistance of the CHERRY MX family, which gives the keys an ultra-lightweight feel. At first it took some getting used to. Moving from the higher resistance key means that you accidentally pressed WSAD while resting your hand. However, after a few hours, as you get used to the light, low-feel resistance of the Speed ​​Silver Switch, you’ll find that it reacts very sensitively to action.

miniSTREAK is playable with colors in the full RGB spectrum and is fully integrated with FNATICOP software. FNATIC OP gives you full access to customize the look and color of your keys with a variety of preset options. But more importantly, you can assign different profiles to your keyboard, set custom key bindings from your app, or use the keyboard itself to record custom Marco.

The miniSTREAK TENKEYLESS are made of sturdy aluminum, which is sturdy, well made and looks great. The sleek design without the 10 numeric keypad is a small package that complements the minimal setup. If you have a lot of space, you will have more freedom to move the mouse, so thank you.

The miniSTREAK weighs around £ 100 and may be slightly within the keyboard price range, but the quality of the product speaks for itself. It is at the top of the CHERRY MX key range and is an excellent keyboard choice due to its excellent design and build, as well as its extensive customization options. And if you’re an FNATIC fan, it’s a great way to showcase your support. I’m neutral, but miniSTREAK has become the keyboard for all video games.

Reacte Sports Performance Headset

Headsets are the usual audio source for PCs, such as playing games, watching shows, and playing music, so you need something comfortable all day long. You also need something that fits your glasses without any problems.

When I first tried the REACT ESPORTS PERFORMANCE HEADSET, I quickly realized its comfort. The large, soft protein leather earcups are packed with memory foam, providing a very comfortable feel that doesn’t push your head too hard and is safe enough to stay in place. There is no interference from the ear cups of the glasses. Even after wearing the headset for extended games and work, the headset was very comfortable, fits snugly in the ear, stays breathable, and doesn’t overheat the ear.

Like miniSTREAK REACT, it feels like it’s made from high quality materials. The headband is a sturdy steel mixture with a soft padding inside to ensure maximum comfort and durability. The ear cups have a solid design and feel as well.

The REACT headset is connected via a 1.2m 3.5mm cable and comes with an additional 2.0m extension cord. It provides flexibility for your setup. The extension also features a splitter when using a removable microphone.

Hearing sound is the most important asset of a headset, but if you don’t have a standalone microphone, you also need a way to communicate properly with others. The removable microphone easily connects to the headset and provides high quality. Tested in comparison to a USB mic, the quality may not be as clear as the dedicated option, but the sound from the mic has a sufficient level of clarity. In addition, there is not much BGM bleed-in in the microphone. When I was talking and when I wasn’t talking, I typed in fairly hard to see how effective the mic was. There was almost no keyboard sound.

As I said, what you hear is the part that people are most interested in. The REACTESPORTSPERFORMANCE HEADSET features a 53mm Esports driver that provides accurate directional sound in individual sound chambers. When playing games such as Destiny 2 and Escape from Tarkov, I had no problems pinpointing the direction and origin of the sound through usage. In addition, it acts as a great headset for listening to music.

REACT is designed with video games in mind, but it’s easy to turn this headset into an everyday headset.

I also like the visual design of the headset. Coupled with the additional brand engraved on the headband, the Fnatic logo that decorates each earcup is subtle. The aesthetically pleasing earcups also have a fine matte finish. It looks great overall.

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FNATIC miniSTREAK Keyboard & React Headset – Review

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