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On the brand, he seems to have returned to the professional soccer player agent, the villain of the sports world.

Once upon a time, their disgust seems to have flowed into Non-The world of sports, but-or at least the world adjacent to the sports of sports managers.

At the Football Manager Show, a podcast by Miles Jacobson, head of athletic and sports interactive studios and longtime FM director, some of them are in his ears and bribed to raise the reputation of their representatives. He said he was even offering-it would only be rejected immediately.

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Take a closer look at what’s new in FM21, including the new agent’s phone. Fancy it.

“There is an agent who tried to bribe me and put things on it, and there is an agent who asked me who knew he would never ask me again, because I am not a bribe. “Athletics too TweetPerhaps mistakenly today, Sports Interactive “received” a bribe to raise its reputation, but Jacobson quickly fixed it.

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Simply put, a possible reason for these non-honest offers is that the higher a player’s rating, the more likely they are to secure a transfer to a larger club, and the fee for the agent to reduce themselves. It is to be high. process. As Jacobson elaborated, “People want to be positively represented in the game because so many clubs use our data.”

That will be some interesting timing. For the first time this year, FootballManager2021 has actually introduced the ability to make quick one-on-one calls with agents (by the way, there are spoilers, but the FM21 review details it): That’s great).

On the other hand, football managers’ reputation for discovering new talent is not new. In the podcast, Jacobson also used the game to play players when former Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur manager André Villas-Boas was himself a Chelsea scout during the first Mourinho era. He states that he was the first person to openly admit to finding it.

Other clubs like Everton have been using the game openly since at least 2008, and in 2014 they became more “official” with a deal with Scout Tools Prozone, a new search for real-world players. You have set up a possible database.

Players also always keep an eye on the stats and sometimes send Jacobson a message about pace and other attributes, even though they “always have a” laugh “at the end.” SportsInteractive has been working with Ballon d’Or level players for a short time. As Jacobson recently told . And hey, I tried to track the person who scouted me for the game in 2010, but the success was limited-sadly there was no wad of cash from the agent to help me did.

But this is the first time I’ve heard they are actively trying to break the path to employer greatness. Hopefully it’s the last.

Meanwhile, dissatisfied professional topics are experiencing a surge of controversy among Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Gareth Bale and others over EA Sports’ use of image rights in FIFA. Maybe they’re all just jealous of Dua Lipa.


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