Football Manager 2021 Beta Released

The wait is finally over. FootballManager2021 Beta is now available on the Epic Games Store and Steam, allowing managers to start their careers early.

Anyone who has pre-purchased FM21 from a SEGA-certified digital retailer * can log in to Epic Games or Steam and launch their games directly from their library right now. Fans who haven’t pre-purchased will not be too late to join, from pre-purchasing FM21 on PC and Mac from participating digital retailers to the full release of the game on November Get access to the beta and get 10% off.

Since the pre-release beta is an almost complete (but not complete) version of the game, players may encounter some bugs and issues while playing.These are the in-game sidebar[バグの報告]You can report directly to the Sports Interactive team via the button. Online play is also enabled, but you won’t be able to access the Steam Workshop or pre-game or in-game editors until the game is fully released on November

FM21 introduces a number of new features and notable improvements across different areas of the game.

Managers have more control over the success of their teams on and off the pitch with new gameplay systems, improved levels of analytics and information, and additional resources at their disposal.

The interaction with players and media will be reviewed to create a more realistic experience, the look and feel of match days will be more spectacular, graphics and presentations will be significantly improved, and new events will be held before and after the match. In addition, managers will be more powerful in recruiting players and new ways to celebrate their success at the end of the season.

The single-player career that started with FM21 Beta can be carried over to the entire game.

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Football Manager 2021 Beta is now live

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