For Honor Launches Year 5 Season 2: Mirage with Visions of the Kyoshin Event

For HonorHeath Moore was hit by a drought during the fifth season of Season 2 Mirage. It begins with a vision of the in-game Kyoshin event on the Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. As the landscape is depleted, the water and vegetation that was hiding the Kyojinji Temple in Maia has withered, leaving it unprotected. For a limited time event, the temple will be the battlefield for Chimera and Holcos warriors gathered to fight for resources. They are only dodging samurai mirages with unknown abilities.

From now until July 1st, Visions of the Kyoshin will add a new spin to Dominion mode. A mysterious warrior owned by a powerful entity fights to control two points on the map. Defeating them gives you a temporary buff, giving the player who gives the final blow a glimpse into another world.

During the Visions of the Kyoshin, free event passes will be available and rewards for progress such as new ornaments, combat uniforms and mood effects will be awarded. You can also plunder new weapons during the event. In addition to the event Mirage It will be available in a dry version of the four maps Temple Garden, Belvedere, High Fort and Forest, and a Premium Battle Pass with equipment designed to remind you of Japanese mythology and the appearance of a dry, cracked Earth.

New heroes will also join For HonorFollowing the TU2 update, the Samurai faction later this season.

Whether they are mirages or otherworldly beings, temple guardians are waiting – do you have what you need to rest them?jump in For HonorFind out with the vision of the Kyoshin event.

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The game is optimized for the next generation (4K resolution for Xbox Series X / 1080p for Xbox Series S). Cross-save is available: Your profile, progress including all purchases and inventory will be shared automatically. Discover For Honor®, a groundbreaking proximity action game developed by Ubisoft Montreal in collaboration with other Ubisoft studios. Choose a warrior from unique warrior knights, vikings and samurai. Memorable story campaign Attack castles and fortresses in large-scale battles and confront bosses in fierce duels. Choose from offline single-player campaigns or online multiplayer to play alone or with friends. Swing the weight of the innovative artistic weapons of the battle control system and feel the power of all attacks.

For Honor Launches Year 5 Season 2: Mirage with Visions of the Kyoshin Event

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