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Off-road fans are now looking at new things Ford Bronco..The reborn SUV won’t be available until summer, but if you really need a Bronco in your garage, the smaller one is better. Bronco sports Currently available. Isn’t it as sturdy as my brother? Replacing the tires with more aggressive ones will change the world, but how big can you ride your baby’s Bronco?

That’s the question of people Alphaequipt The wheels set out to answer. The aftermarket is starting to get hot as Bronco Sport filters new owners, but there is a shortage of custom off-road wheels. The Bronco Sport runs a fairly unusual 5x108mm bolt pattern, so Alphaequipt created a new set of 17 inches and installed a set of BF Goodrich 245/65 series tires. According to Alphaequipt Sales Director Kristopher Serrano, this wheel tire combo fits under the stock Bronco Sport without friction issues such as front wheel lock-to-lock turns.

Photo courtesy of Kristopher Serrano

By comparison, the Bronco Sport-based model also has 17-inch wheels, but comes with a set of street-focused 225/65 series all-season tires. The Bronco Sport in these images is a fashionable Outer Banks model. There are some off-road chops with Ford’s terrain management system and five GOAT modes, but it’s probably the best outfit in a bunch with leather-trimmed seats. It’s clearly on 18-inch wheels with street-ready 225/60 series tires.

Going back to 17, you’ll have room for tall tires, but unless you choose the Outer Banks, all other Bronco sports come standard with 17-inch wheels. The largest tire size in the factory is 235/65, which is optional for Badlands and standard for the first edition, so the Bronco Sport in Stock has a little more rubber space. Still, it’s amazing that the small upgrade makes such a dramatic visual difference. With Badlands Trim with seven GOAT modes available, this seems to be a surprisingly capable machine.

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Ford Bronco Sport looks tough with the largest off-road tires that fit Ford Bronco Sport looks tough with the largest off-road tires that fit

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