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The Minnesota Vikings won the game of the fifth week, which they should have lost. The Carolina Panthers lost the fifth week’s match, which they should have won. Usually they are even. Will they do so when the Vikings fight Panther in the sixth week?

The Vikings (2-3) barely avoided four consecutive losses thanks to a 54-yard Greg Joseph field goal with a gun. The Panthers (3-2) somehow lost to the Eagles, even though they dominated most of the afternoon. The game was also shaken by the play of a special team. Joseph Charlton blocked the punt deep inside the Panthers territory with four minutes remaining in the game.

Sunday is the 16th time Carolina and Minnesota have met, and the Vikings have won nine of the last 15 times. Minnesota is aiming for the first road victory of the year. Panthers is 3-1 at home.

Minnesota Viking Attack and Carolina Panthers Defense

Viking attack coordinator Klint Kubiak got off to a great start in the fifth week with 183 yards, 3 scores and 10 first downs on Minnesota’s first three possessions. However, in the last nine drives of the Viking, he punted three times, flipped the ball twice, missed a field goal and did not enter the red zone. It was the second week that the opponent kept the Viking below 20 points.

They will face the defense of the Panthers, who struggled in the fifth week. The Eagles scored only 273 yards, allowing 15 first downs, 4 out of 13 downs and 182 yards with 41 dropbacks.

Carolina has abandoned 57 points in the last two weeks after surrendering only 30 in the first three. But their fundamentals are still strong. The Panthers allow the second lowest yards per game (255.8) and per play (4.8) through five games.

Kirk Cousins ​​vs Panthers Defense

Kirk Cousins ​​probably won’t be a top-notch quarterback, but he’s actually quite decent for the Vikings. He earns $ 21 million this year, counting $ 31 million against the cap. His $ 33 million APY is the eighth highest in the league because almost half of NFL starters have rookie contracts.

Throughout the five weeks, my cousin is 8th on the pass (279.2 yards per game), 17th on the QBR (54.2) and 12th on the passer rating (103.7). In summary, he is a second-tier quarterback. This is almost the same way he is compensated.

The cousin will be the second best quarterback faced by the Panthers in 2021. The best was Dak Prescott, who torched Carolina’s secondary with four touchdowns in just 22 passes. But the other four (Zach Wilson, Jameis Winston, Davis Mills, Jared Goff) combined three touchdowns and four intercepts against Carolina. The Panthers are No. 1 (161.6) on the pass and No. 2 (5.5) on the number of yards per pass.

advantage: Panthers

Viking Weapon vs Panthers Defensive Back

Justin Jefferson couldn’t practice on Wednesday and Thursday due to an ankle pain, but he will play on Sunday. With 33 catches and three touchdowns at 462 yards this year, the Dynamic Receiver hasn’t missed a match in the NFL yet.

Adam Thielen was also recently smashed, but was already a declining player. NS Adam Levitan Established The Run points out that Siren averaged nearly a yard less per route run in 2021 than in 2017. The average team viking is the 7th worst yard per NFL catch.

Dalvin Cook’s (ankle) running back has been removed from reports of injuries for the first time in a while. That means he will play on Sunday. Cook appeared in only 39% of Vikings attack snaps this year.

The Panthers are still another game away from Stephon Gilmore’s debut, which is expected to be off the PUP list in the seventh week. Jacey Horn (broken leg) still has a chance to come back, but not until the second half of the season. This is a long way to go, saying that the Panthers defensive backfield will probably not be worse for the rest of the season than this season. And it’s still really good!

The Panthers have the fewest first downs per game (15) and are number one in third down defenses (25.5%). The cornerback AJ Bueh is excellent at returning from suspension, keeping opponents at 1.3 yards per target. The quarterback completed only 55.6% of the passes to Don Te Jackson.

advantage: push

Viking Offensive Line vs Panthers Defense Front

Some teams are having a hard time finding the right combination and chemistry on the attack line. Injuries otherwise destroy a healthy plan. Then there’s the Viking who started the same five players on the line in all five games — Rashod Hill (left tackle), Ezra Cleveland (left guard), Garrett Bradbury (center), Oli Udoh (right guard), And Brian O’Neil (right tackle).

Together, the quintet has the NFL’s 10th best sack rate (4.7%), and the Vikings have a good execution metric (including an average of 4.3 yards per carry). They did the latter, even though they got only 51 carry from Cook. Cook only feels right after his ankle injury in the second week.

Panthers need to be thrilled with the ROI they got from Harson Redick. Carolina signed a one-year, $ 6 million contract with free agent Edgerusher during the off-season. He paid them back in 6.5 bags in the first five games. This is second only to Cleveland’s Myles Garrett throughout the NFL.

But it’s not a one-man show. Brian Burns continues to be confused, with Front 7 responsible for 16 of the Panthers’ 21 tackles. Carolina’s severance rate (11.0%) is second in football. However, linebacker Shaq Thompson (foot) does not play.

advantage: Panthers

Carolina Panthers Attack vs Minnesota Viking Defense

The Panthers are quitting the worst offensive game of the season. The Eagles kept Carolina down to 267 yards, 18 points and 17 first downs. They need to understand how to get back on track without repelling Christian McCaffrey, who misses three games in a row due to a hamstring injury. The Panthers are on average 67 yards less in games without McCaffrey, but the rush efficiency (4.1 yards per carry) is actually better.

Meanwhile, the Vikings are finding their groove in defense. In the last three weeks, they have surrendered a total of 48 points, only 5.3 yards per play. Minnesota’s Third Down Defense is not only in its range (35.1%), but also particularly good throughout the season.

That year, the Vikings have the NFL’s fourth-best third-down D (31.7%). This helps to supplement the struggle in the red zone (72.7%, 24th) and the yard per allowed carry (4.7). Overall, Minnesota is 17th in total defense (368.8 yards per game) and 19th in efficiency (5.8).

Samder Nord vs. Viking Defense

No other player has been as adversely affected by McCaffrey’s absence as Sam Darnold. Darnold’s completion rate, yards per pass, and passer rating are all significantly lower in the games McCaffrey missed.

Week 5 with the Eagles was Darnold’s worst match as a Panther (21-of-37, 177 yards, 1 touchdown, 3 intercepts). His QBR in the game was horrifying 17.2. As for ESPN’s QB metric, despite his fine statistics, the magic formula doesn’t take Darnold that year very high. Darnold is 22nd in that category (51.3). The Panthers pass cut rate (3.3%) is better than the 5 teams.

Darnold faces a hot Viking Pass defense. The last two opposition quarterbacks in Minnesota (Baker Mayfield and Jared Goff) completed 52.9% of the passes, 5.3 yards in a single trial and a passer rating of 62. The game — the fifth best in football — and their opponent’s passer rating (95.6) is ranked 13th in football. The average yardage per pass (7.3) isn’t great, but it’s not terrible.

advantage: Viking

Panthers Weapons and Viking Defensive Back

The strange things about the Panthers struggle without McCaffrey are: His backup, Chuba Hubbard, was not responsible. Yes, he is not a McCaffrey player. Especially in pass games (Hubbard’s receive yard is 78 yards, with 12 catches in 2021 and no touchdowns). But he was more than enough and rushed 158 yards with 37 carries in the last two weeks.

DJ Moore is a rising star. He is ranked 9th in football, earning 88 yards per game. Robby Anderson, on the other hand, is the ultimate boom or bust player. Anderson averages 14.9 yards per reception, but his catch rate (41.4%) is 197th out of 203 qualifying players.

Only 10 teams had less interception in 5 weeks than the Vikings (3). Safety Xavier Woods leads all Viking defensive backs with a three-pass breakup. So this is a complicated statement that Minnesota doesn’t have a playmaker on the back end.

Patrick Peterson was fine for his first year at the Vikings, but not great. He allowed 64.3% of throws to coverage areas to be completed with an opponent’s passer rating of 7.5 yards, 99.0 per target. But it’s much better than Bashod Breeland roasted with four touchdowns. In addition, Safety Harrison Smith allows 16.1 yards per completion.

advantage: push

Panthers Offensive Line vs Vikings Defense Front

Cameron Irving, who started the left tackle, should have recovered from a neck injury and missed the fifth week. The return of Irving should restore some equilibrium to the Panthers O-line. Put Taylor Moton back on the right tackle and Brady Christensen back on the bench.

Still, Irving wasn’t all-pro before he got injured. He was clearly mediocre. Morton, on the other hand, is excellent. The next bag he will allow in 2021 will be the first. Panthers ranks 22nd (7.7%) in sack per pass attempt and 28th (3.7%) in yards per carry.

The line is tested by a very dangerous front desk. The Vikings are rampant with only 20.4% of their opponent’s dropback, but have the third best sack rate (10.4%) in the league. Defensive end Danielle Hunter is a threat. He leads the Vikings with sack (6), tackle (6) and quarterback hits. He and Everson Griffen (4 sack, 3 tackle) provide enough heat that co-defender coordinators Andre Patterson and Adam Zimmer rarely need to bring in another defender.

advantage: Viking

Betting line and game prediction

Panthers have a better record and are playing at home. The point difference per game (+5.6 to +0.8) and the yard difference per game (107.6 to 14.0) are much better. Also, unlike the Vikings, the yardage difference per play is positive (gain 5.3 yards per play and allow 4.8). Still, they still score 2.5 points at home. It’s worth it here.

Viking vs. Panthers Prediction: Panthers 24, Viking 20

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Forecast, 6th week NFC division incident match Forecast, 6th week NFC division incident match

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