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NS Toronto Raptors Devoted to their desire to develop and nurture young two-way talent, the first round of 2020 pick Malachi Flynn is the epitome of this philosophy. It took some time for San Diego State products to hit the NBA, but the last two months of the season showed all types of players he could.

The 37% success rate in Flynn’s field seemed bad, but he averaged 12.5 points per game with 40% shooting In April and May, because the injury helped him get more minutes.He put those numbers This month’s Eastern Conference Rookie Choice.

Flynn was well suited to play in the Summer League in Toronto to show that he was starting to become a more deadly player on the attacking side, in addition to changing the number from 8 to 22. Based on some of the early returns, the speed and dribbling he became famous for seems even more deadly.

What can you expect from Flynn on this season’s statistics sheet? Even if he doesn’t suddenly become a high-level starter, it makes sense to expect gradual but concrete improvements on the part of the attacker.

What will the Toronto Raptors get from Malachi Flynn from 2021 to 22?

Flynn should score just under 10 points per game this season. It may not sound like a significant increase in his effectiveness, Scottie Barnes, Can handle plenty of balls, pairing Goran Dragic Ending in Toronto means Flynn will have a lot of backcoat competition around him this year.

Flynn needs to focus on improving his efficiency, especially around the rim. Flynn averaged just over 19 minutes and 7 shots per game last year, and could be a bit north of these rates between 2021 and 22. With a field goal percentage of 41% or higher, you’ll be wondering about aggressive games.

One area where Flynn could be seen taking a step forward is his ability to work as a distributor. Given the situation, 2.9 assists per game isn’t a terrible number, but the ability to set up teammates is one of his best features, so you should aim for at least 4.0 per game.

Expect more of the same when it comes to defense. He is not at the level of Fred Van Vleet, but has proven to be a pest enough to ensure that he is designated as an active boundary defender.

Flynn may not be in the first role of the season, but it’s clear that Toronto still appreciates him and sees his growth as an important stepping stone to his plans to build competitors. .. He may not ignite the world this season, but Raptors fans should expect him to be a deadly guard from the bench.

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Forecast of Malachi Flynn Statistics for 2021-22 Forecast of Malachi Flynn Statistics for 2021-22

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