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Forget purple, these are the colors Apple should use for the iPhone 13

Apple has introduced a fashionable new shade of purple on the iPhone 12. Spring road Event Yes, it’s a great addition color for one Best phone You can buy now.

But in reality, this new color made us think about the shades that Apple wants us to give us when it’s unavoidable. iPhone 13 Will arrive later this year.

So, not only to imagine, but to Tom, a tremendously skilled designer, iPhone 12 In various new colors. This is what he came up with …

My personal favorite is this mango shade, which makes the back and matte sides of the iPhone’s glass look great. It’s light, unlike what I’ve seen elsewhere, and, importantly, subtle.

This feels a bit more pastel than the bolder colors we currently have available. If Apple offered it to the iPhone 13, I would buy it immediately.

This green is much darker than the 70’s bathroom-inspired shades of mint that are currently available on the iPhone 12. But what’s important is that it’s brighter and more unique than Apple’s Midnight Green option. iPhone 11 Pro..

The color was good, but it was so dark that it was often difficult to distinguish it from black. If you are going to be green, you may be green properly.And this is really Green..

This color is a lot more bold than Apple’s recent use, and if you’re willing to take the risk, this is the shade you want to stand out. This is a true bright yellow color that looks like a high definition jacket or tennis ball.

If you take a picture off the phone at night, no one will miss you.

If the yellow above isn’t punchy, what about this bubble gum, cotton candy pink? Apple doesn’t offer a pink color for the iPhone 12, so it seems like a completely missed opportunity to me.

And finally, the crème de la crème, the really most requested iPhone 13 color in the Trusted Reviews team, is this rainbow product. I love how the colors of the blend mix on the sides and how they look different everywhere.

So we have a favorite – but what do you choose? Tweet @trustedreviews in your most desirable iPhone 13 colors. Then see if you can do that.

Forget purple, these are the colors Apple should use for the iPhone 13 Forget purple, these are the colors Apple should use for the iPhone 13

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