Forgotten Captain America of MCU can explain the mystery of one winter soldier

One Winter Soldier’s mystery could be answered retroactively on the MCU, thanks to Isaiah Bradley’s introduction to the Secret US-created Super Soldier.

The MCU may finally answer a hidden but compelling mystery Bucky’s time as a winter soldier: So why didn’t Hydra make more super soldiers?The answer may have been teased by Falcon & Winter Soldier Specifically, it is an introduction of Isaiah Bradley, a secret super soldier unique to the United States. His forgotten history and how it unfolds in comics also explains why Bradley was imprisoned for decades, as already confirmed at the Disney + show. Useful.

Bucky’s past as a Winter Soldier is now fairly extensively mapped. In fact, his character is far more than what was developed on the modern MCU timeline. He was the product of both Hydra’s Super Soldier Serum Program and another Winter Soldier Conditioning Program when he was discovered after falling off the train. And the indescribable horror he received as a devastating weapon-repeating the need to reprogram him as his brain tried to heal-made him an unstable and fragile mess. But decisively, he is a wonderfully efficient assassin, Hydra After developing their sera, it doesn’t make sense to simply stop with one living weapon.

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So why was the Winter Soldier the only Hydra Super Soldier, despite having a viable Super Soldier Serum? There may have been a broader plan to explore more super soldiers and build a better army, but were they stopped after Bucky’s transformation? Missing history of Isaiah Bradley After stealing Captain America’s costume, it can be used to explain its logical hole when he destroyed the cartoon Nazi Super Soldier program. Falcon & Winter Soldier Bucky said he met Bradley in 1951 during the Korean War and made fun of how it was possible. That mission could be introduced as Bradley not only chasing the Winter Soldier, but also stopping the entire Hydra Super Soldier operation.

Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier Hydra Experiment

More storytelling may be needed to explain why Hydra has been waiting for Super Soldiers for so long, but it’s not entirely without the logic they do. Red Skull disappeared in 1945, the same year Steve Rogers boarded the ice, and Hydra fell apart from scientists who were given work in the United States to avoid working with the Soviet Union. It’s a little inevitable, Penetration of hydra into SHIELD After that, it ran for decades until the event Captain America: The Winter Soldier, But in the late 1940s, Hydra was no longer a fully formed entity, and rebuilding at the same time while pretending to be extinct would have required more attention than running the Winter Soldier program. .. There was little evidence that the Winter Soldier was active until it was dismantled in 1951, and Zora infiltrated SHIELD, requiring him to crouch under close scrutiny to keep up with the timeline. What’s more, Bucky’s serum was a variant of the experimental prototype, not a finished product, and therefore lost his arm. Therefore, it seems unlikely that the Hydra version of Project Rebirth was active in 1945.

But by 1951, that could all have changed, and Isaiah Bradley’s attack Hydra and Winter Soldier It can easily be reviewed as a mirror of Bradley’s destruction of the Nazi supersoldier program at the Schwarzebitte concentration camp and the assassination of Dr. Koch in Hydra. The MCU can also explain why Bradley was imprisoned for decades because he did not obey orders like comics and was court-martialed for being fraudulent. That would at least answer why Hydra seems to have stopped planning to develop the Super Soldier Serum, no matter how successful the Winter Soldier is.There is almost no time left Falcon & Winter SoldierBut looking back on Bradley’s past seems inevitable, but also necessary, not only as a reward for his treatment, but also as a means of answering the mysteries of his permanent Winter Soldier and Hydra. I will.

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Forgotten Captain America of MCU can explain the mystery of one winter soldier

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