Forgotten city scheduled for July, new trailer

Dear Villagers and Modern Storyteller have set the release date for The Forgotten City, a time traveler murder mystery game. It will be displayed on Switch on July 28th.

Forgotten City is a mature story-driven game that revisits the acclaimed mod, which won the Writers Guild of America Award and recorded over 3 million downloads.

Trapped in a secret underground city during the Roman Empire, 23 lost souls were attached to their lives. In this unstable utopia, if one breaks the mysterious golden rule, everyone dies. As a time traveler drawn into the last 2000, you relive their last moments in an endless loop, exploring, interrogating, and changing the course of the day with each secret you reveal. ..

Only by skillfully using time loops and making difficult moral choices can we hope to solve this epic mystery. Your decision is important here. The fate of the city is in your hands.

Main functions

– Explore the authentic open-world ancient Roman city of Unreal Engine.
– Get involved in the life of a detailed, deep and interactive character.
– Address the moral dilemma that results in life and death.
– Investigate a fascinating non-linear mystery with multiple endings.
– Select your gender, race, and backstory and role-play the person you like.
– Solve problems in your own way, using reasons, charms, bribes, stealth, intimidation, or clever use of time loops.

Below is a new trailer for The Forgotten City.

Forgotten city scheduled for July, new trailer

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