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For many years Michael chandler It was the unofficial face of Bellator MMA.

He enjoyed multiple reigns as a California-based promotional lightweight champion, but he couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to face the best UFC players for £ 155.On Saturday, Chandler showed what he could do in front of perhaps a large pay-per-view viewer when he broke the top 10 lightweight. Dan Hooker
Through the first round of technical knockouts at the UFC257 Joint Main Event.

“I’ve been out of the company for 12 years thinking about this possibility, thinking about these matches, thinking about fighting the best guys in the world. Now I’m here,” Chandler said. It was. “I’m going to be in the top 5 right now. This could put Connor out of 4th place and 3rd or 4th place. I don’t know where the ranking will go. Anyone who is actually in the top 5 or 10 can take a title shot, so it feels good.

“Pure uplifting, lots of hard work from the age of 14, fighting to become All-American in Missouri, fighting outside the UFC, and now winning the first fight in the UFC, a spectacular knockout. I’m trying to get it … notable. “

Chandler sent a message to Hooker at Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi. A former University of Missouri wrestler quickly shortened the distance, laid the floor on his opponent with a left hook, and then hit the canvas with a follow-up hit at 2:30 to stop in Round 1. Hooker didn’t have a chance to get out of the first gear.

“In Florida, there is a very simple yet pressured kickboxing style led by Henri Hooft. It’s very technical. He was able to teach us a thousand techniques, but the Lord He keeps it simple and absolutely simple, “Chandler said. “I know everyone is trying to avoid me. They’ve seen the power of my hands and my highlights, so I think everyone’s going to bike on their hind legs I know. Just because I’m not in the UFC doesn’t mean they aren’t seeing my power on the internet.

“Dan Hooker said the same thing. He fought this fight without seeing many movies to me, started watching movies, and realized,” Okay, this guy is a respected power. ” Riding a bike, I knew it was only a matter of time. We are always training it. I stepped over my right hand and knew that the left hook would land – it previously landed on a tall man – he avoids, he naturally takes his long reach. I just had to go in and cut him out and get him out. “

Fight in Conor McGregor The event numbers only increase Chandler’s inventory accordingly.

“When men first join the UFC, they usually get rough for the first time on a big stage. He didn’t,” UFC President Dana White said of Chandler. “In that first round, Hooker seemed frozen and Chandler was everywhere and showed incredible performances. When you get the platform we had tonight, you Make the most of it, and the kid did. “

Chandler has won a number of important victories under the banner of Bellator MMA. Benson Henderson To Patricky Freire To Eddie AlvarezBut he can’t think of a moment in his career that surpasses his latest victory.

“It must be number one,” he said. “I had some more spectacular, better, and cooler stuff, but to do that on this stage, the joint main event for this card in Abu Dhabi will debut at the UFC. Everyone It’s a week when you want to see something. Something spectacular and noteworthy … you need to put it in first place. “

At this point, that seems very unlikely Habib Nurmagomedov I’ll be back again to protect his lightweight crown. When the 155 pond belt empties, Chandler seems to have put himself on a short list of top candidates.But already Dustin Poirier He said he wasn’t interested in an immediate confrontation with an impressive newcomer.

Chandler himself hasn’t made any requests yet.

“It’s not always worth calling a shot right now. I won one in the UFC, but I beat my top opponent. It’s a knockout in the first round,” he said. “Dustin has just finished Connor. I’m not sure if Habib will come back … I’m not here to call a shot. I’m here to capture I’m that UFC I’m here to capture the gold … I’m excited about the following: ”

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Former Bellator Champion Michael Chandler describes the winning UFC debut as “pure uplifting” Former Bellator Champion Michael Chandler describes the winning UFC debut as “pure uplifting”

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