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Welcome to my first tierlist! Today we’ll see who I believe is in line to win the 2021 Men’s Royal Rumble Match. I decided not to include D-Tier and F-Tier this time. The WWE roster is very large and there aren’t many stars competing with the WrestleMania headline.

Layer C: These competitors may seem unlikely to win, but they are not entirely impossible. If WWE decides to go in a surprising direction, it’s possible to strap the rocket ship to the favorites of fans who are probably not considered one of the “top guys.” Maybe.

Adam Cole

What are we lingering in? Adam Cole I’ve done everything I should do with NXT. He is arguably the most important figure in the history of the black and yellow brand and certainly the leader of the brand’s most important faction. One of only two NXT Triple Crown Champions. Former Dusty Cup winner. Winner of the 7th year-end award.

In addition, it’s time for Kyle O’Reilly to shine.Unless they plan to rehash their deep indie rivals within the next few months-and they may work very well-it’s time to trigger. Adam ColeGo to the main roster of. Because that is it. You can call it as you like, but that’s what it is.

Alistair Black

Whenever a notable star has been away from television for quite some time towards Royal Rumble, you must consider the possibility of WWE cashing out, at least for surprise. There was a short window while Paul Heyman was still in charge of what could put Black far higher on this list, but that time was gone.

Big E

I will actually be competing in a big E-run at the World Championships and fans may come back to WrestleMania 37, so he will make a great choice to face. Roman reign.. He has the size and strength to go to the toes convincingly as a “tribal chief”, and the first WWE crowd in over a year will definitely gather behind him. But he’s currently in the midst of a fairly solid intercontinental championship rule, and I don’t think anyone wants to defend the belt at this year’s WrestleMania.


Ask most people on the WWE roster over the last decade who are the least utilized wrestlers, and most will tell you about Cesaro. His singles run was inconsistent and difficult to take seriously as a candidate for Royal Rumble … but he defeated Daniel Bryan one-on-one a few weeks ago.

Basically that alone was able to throw him into the C layer, but there are still too many positions to rank him high. He’s just not suitable for Reigns at the moment, and the match against Drew McIntyre is technically great, but it will take a lot of work over the next three months to turn it into a major WrestleMania main event. there is.

Karion Cross

Do you really think WWE intends to fast forward Karrion Kross to WrestleMania’s main event? No, it’s not. But if they wanted, who was trying to stop him? not me. His presentation alone poses an immediate threat to either Reigns or McIntyre.


If John Morrison hadn’t spent every week since he came back, Mizu might be close to winning. Some people seem to enjoy it, but I personally have a very grid and often mute or point the TV. Completely channel. That’s about 10% because of him, 50% because of Morrison, and 140% who wrote the promotion. I already have money in the bank, so I put him on the C tier list. The idea that someone has it and Rumble wins on the utility belt creates some really interesting WrestleMania scenarios at the same time.

Rey mysterio

Mysterios seems to be moving from an endless rival with Seth Rollins to a new and exciting feud with King Baron Corbin. So I’m not going to bet the farm on the legendary victory of Lucha. But hey, a year ago he and his son were fighting Brock Lesnar in a surprisingly small program, so you really don’t know.

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Former Champion Behind the Scenes of Tonight’s WWE Royal Rumble PPV Former Champion Behind the Scenes of Tonight’s WWE Royal Rumble PPV

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