Former Curt Schilling employees are currently receiving 14-20% of their final salary since 2012

Former baseball player and current shit Curt Schilling

Curt Schilling
Photo: Jennifer Stewart (((Getty Images).

With a former baseball player Current Shit Curt Schilling For a while, he ran a video game studio called 38 Studios. When he was suddenly closed in 2012, he owe a lot of money to many people..

As reported at the time, 38 studios were once the centerpiece of the dream of becoming a Rhode Island technology center, receiving $ 75 million in government funding to support its establishment. However, due to lack of experience in the shilling industry and relatively low sales performance of the only major games in 38 studios, Kingdom of AmaruruBecause it brought the closure very quickly Some employees were left with old mortgages, And most people saw the last salary go unpaid.

It led to a proceeding, which almost later Ten years Now at first glance I have come to a conclusion, When Bloomberg report A former employee is currently receiving a check by mail. Of course, even the solution isn’t going smoothly. There are also reports that the check was sent to the wrong address. “In the years since 38 studios were closed, many checks have moved many times for new jobs,” so the payment is only the original “14 or 20%.” I’m actually borrowing it.

38 Studios filed for bankruptcy in 2012, but in 2016 the SEC also took action alleging investment fraud. Video games without additional funding. “

Meanwhile, Schilling’s studio career since 1938 includes ESPN’s adoption. Dismissed almost immediately by ESPN for posting nasty shit, His revelation There are many Nazi stuff in his house And recently Throw a big piss on his legitimate exclusion from the Baseball Hall of Fame..

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