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During an interview with The fight is right, Mark Breland, Accusations imposed on him by his former fighter, Deontay Wilder.. Breland doesn’t have many words, but the accusations reveal that they are as ridiculous as most people have received.

Breland about dropping out with Deontay Wilder:

“All of me with Deon Thai is part of the boxing I guess. I did it because his career is now, he did. I ended up with him.”

About Wilder being overly dependent on his power and not developing his boxing:

“What I mean is that he has a lot of power. That’s it. And I hope he gets well, and that’s it. That’s all he got. It’s just power, we’ll see how far it takes him. That’s all I want to say. “

Whether he thinks there will be a third fight between Wilder and Fury:

“Honestly, I don’t care.”

Whether there is any reaction to the accusation that Wilder has tampered with his water:

“That is, many know me. My character speaks for itself … Spikes water, if you see a tape or something like that, you’re in my hands Never see the water … and nevertheless, I’m there to help, not to hurt you.

“See, some people can’t lose … Now, when you lose, don’t blame everyone, go back and think about yourself.”

About Wilder accusing Fury of using tampered gloves:

“If he did, I’m very skeptical of it-I don’t know, I didn’t see anything-but at the same time, he’s not going to beat Tyson Fury, and Jay. Dís stood right there when he was wrapping his hand … and he didn’t say anything. “

About the fighters he thinks Fury is so special:

“That is, he’s a very good boxer, but he’s good at mind games … just talking can be frustrating.”

About how he sees the Fury-Joshua battle unfolding:

“Honestly, I was able to beat Anthony Joshua … this is a guy who doesn’t have a jab at all … I jab him, he can’t touch me think.

“Fury defeats (Joshua).”

Whether Wilder listened to his training advice:

“Evidence is in the fight. Look at the fight. When I look at either the trainer or the professional fight, I don’t see anything like that because he’s doing what he wants to do.

“No (he didn’t listen to me), no.”

Why he worked with Wilder for so long when he hadn’t heard:

“First of all, if he put the men in the box, I would have beat them. That’s the point.

“Did you say he had some good wins or good wins ?! Just (Ortis) fight, that’s it.”

About Wilder flashing a good jab in his second fight with Bermane Stiver:

“You can defeat Stiver.”

If he thinks Wilder has a good jab:

“Number. He used the jab once in the fight against Stiver, and that was it. His motto is,” I have power, so I have to be perfect for 12 rounds. ” that’s it. “

Whether it’s true that Wilder doesn’t hit heavy or speed bags during training:

“No, he puts it in the box. He never hits the bag, he doesn’t hit the speed bag correctly. First of all, he doesn’t jump rope. Speed ​​bag, he hits them. there is no.”

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Former Deontay Wilder trainer accuses him of “his career is over.” Former Deontay Wilder trainer accuses him of “his career is over.”

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