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I know there’s a lot of competition, but Danny Mills really stands out among the experts who regularly comment on the Newcastle United issue.

Needless to say, “really noticeable” does not mean good.

There are many past classics from Danny Mills, but here are just a few of them.

Former England national team Danny Mills warned Newcastle fans “Be careful what you want” and insisted that Mike Ashley sell the club, with NUFC supporters even worse. Ashley was really terrible and so on.

Another classic was to ask, “Would Newcastle fans wish they had better treated Alan Pardew?” After he went to the palace.

When he managed to create a crowd of St. James’ Park with 10,000 vacant seats between Mike Ashley and Steve Bruce, Mills wouldn’t give out 10,000 free-season tickets to owners to fill the gap. I thought it was a “master stroke”. I’ve never wondered how tens of thousands of paid season ticket owners feel, or whether it was such a “master stroke.” Didn’t it sell?

The latest from Danny Mills declares his “respect” for Steve Bruce. Because fans called on him to go to the Leeds match on Friday, and the NUFC head coach said that the only way he could go was if he was fired.

The decisive difference is that he resigns, he leaves without doing anything, gets a bag, and Steve Bruce walks in return. This is widely reported to be around £ 4m.

The funny thing is Steve Bruce I had only six months away from Shefield on Wednesday, but I had no problems. Bruce took good care of him so that he could receive far more money than the championship club.

Indeed, many times during his career Steve Bruce forced his way out of the club to work elsewhere.

Danny Mills also asks, “Who is going to do a better job?” When Bruce leaves St. James’ Park, many Newcastle fans will undoubtedly shout-who can do a worse job? Significantly the amount spent by other former NUFC managers / head coaches during their stay, especially given that about £ 160m was spent on the midtable team he inherited from Rafa Benitez. It exceeds. Its amount, including a net spending of around £ 125m during Bruce’s reign, Rafa Benitez Net spending at Newcastle United for 3 years and 3 months was zero.

As always, it is very rare for a former player / manager in your country to turn into an expert, and you rarely say anything negative about another former player / manager in your country. In fact, they blindly support them in any situation.

Talk to Danny Mills Soccer insider:

“that[ニューカッスル・ユナイテッド]Is in a big fluid state,[NewcastleUnited’isstuckinabigstateofflux[NewcastleUnited’isstuckinabigstateofflux

“Steve Bruce has come to the point where he has to say,’Look, I’m not going to resign, I’m not going to be kicked out.’ It doesn’t happen. “

“Fans aren’t particularly happy, and he knows it, but he’s not going to chuck the towel. It makes it difficult.

“It’s a catch 22 situation. You’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

“Steve Bruce isn’t going to leave, and if he does, who would you be in?

“It makes it very, very difficult.

“Who is going to do a better job in that situation?

“It’s a really difficult situation.

“I pay tribute to Steve Bruce, who doesn’t wear a towel.”

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Former England International “respects” Steve Bruce’s refusal to resign in return Former England International “respects” Steve Bruce’s refusal to resign in return

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