Former Founder of State Of Decay Launches New Studio

Jeff Strain — Co-Founder Guild war Founder with Studio ArenaNet State of collapse studio Undead Labs — Re-establish a new game studio. Strain’s studio Position Space has already attracted a group of notable leadership talents, along with a history of Valve, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, BioWare and Double Fine. There are no games to announce in Possibility Space yet, but Strain has adopted the first “fun game” that Strain describes as his “long-standing dream.”

Instead of announcing the game, Possibility Space focuses on an “ethical work environment,” especially distributed studio-style planning. Although based in New Orleans, the studio allows members to live wherever they like. “I felt this was the right time to create something new. It’s a studio built from scratch to embrace the evolving needs and perspectives of both players and developers,” Strain said of Possibility Space. Describes the plan.

For other talents involved, Possibility Space has launched a group of experienced developers. Former Firewatch lead environment artist and Half-Life: Alyx artist Jane Ng will join as visual director. Liz England, lead designer of the Watch Dogs Legion team, will be director of simulation and narrative systems. They also brought in Waypoint journalist and podcaster Austin Walker as IP director.

The name follows the official announcement of Possibility Space.

“Richard Forge (Undead Labs, probably Monster) is Vice President of Design, Brandon Dillon (Oculus, Double Fine) is Vice President of Engineering, and Leah Rivera (Undead Labs, ArenaNet) is Senior Narrative Systems Designer Brian Jennings. (NZXR, Magic Leap) is joined by technical design directors Charles Randall (Ubisoft, BioWare) and Erica Tam (Electronic Arts, Oculus) as senior gameplay engineers. ”

Possibility Space hasn’t said yet about what they’re working on. “The phrase” Triple A “has a lot of baggage in the development community. ” Strain told IGN, “So it’s not the phrase I want to use. It often means a lack of innovation. Developers often don’t see it. [AAA] As positive. [But] Do you make small, pure innovation-based attempts to capture niche markets, or do you have big ambitious goals and resources that match those big ambitious goals? It can be said that it is the latter. ”

Both Strain’s former studios, Arena Net and Undead Labs, have a well-established game series by name. With a solid leadership group and an interesting job under their belt, I want to see if they can pull it off again.

For now, this is all from the Position Space, but you can find them if you want clues to their job listings. On their website..

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