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In 2017, the Jacksonville Jaguars were one of the NFL’s top teams, with cornerback Jaylen Ramsey heading for the superstar position. But things have changed since then. The Rams have established themselves as the secondary flagship of the Los Angeles Rams after being traded in 2019. Meanwhile, Jags collapsed and struggled to win in the last three years.

Ramsey will face his previous team in the 13th week, When Jaguar travels to the west coast to take on Rams. It’s reasonable to think he’s excited about the possibility of playing against the team that took him in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft, but that’s not his feeling. Instead, the two All-Pro designations told the media that he didn’t care.

In addition, he called it “Just another game … nothing more or less“, Via MJ Hurley of Ram Digest.

To be honest, I don’t care. It’s cool. It was part of my journey. you see? I am grateful for the time there, but I am here now. I’m glad to be here. So that’s what it is. This really doesn’t like me playing Jackson Building. It’s another game, right? I don’t know much about the people there anymore. They took a whole new look near the organization. I probably only know 5 people on the team and I don’t even talk to them that way. Maybe they don’t even talk like two people.

A quick glance at Jaguar’s list now shows that Ramsey is right. Many of the players he shared in the locker room are no longer suitable for black and teal, at least on the defensive side of the ball. Returning from the 2017 team, only linebacker Myles Jack remains in Jacksonville. Safety Jarrod Wilson was released before the start of the 2021 season, and both Yannick Ngakoue and Calais Campbell were packed last year.

Jalen Ramsey’s match against Jaguar is anti-climatic.

It’s hard to blame Ramsey’s approach. Why should he feel nostalgic about a team that hasn’t seen him as part of a long-term plan? You could argue that his attitude wasn’t great, but so was Jug. Why do you trade one of your few stars for an unproven asset?

Ramsey shouldn’t Participated in the exchange Head coach Doug Marone was back in the second week of the 2019 season, both of which later went smoothly and the packing felt overkill. The Jaguars made two first round choices in exchange for him, but neither got a solid return.

these days, Rams looks like it ended up at a better end of the deal.. After all, Tennessee natives were as productive in Los Angeles as they were in the Jacksonville era. Also, I arrived at the place I wanted. Who knows that it exchanges the two first draft topics for you?

Jaguar made a business decision when he traded Rams to Rams, so Rams has the right to feel emotionally unattached to the team he once played. So week 13 is business as usual (at least for him), no more, no less.

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Former Jalen Ramsey adopts the right approach in week 13 Former Jalen Ramsey adopts the right approach in week 13

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