Former officials claim that the alien “Galaxy Federation” is in contact with the US and Israeli governments

According to former Israel Space Agency director Heim Eshed, the United States and the Israeli government are in contact with and are in contact with the alien “Galaxy Federation.” As the Jerusalem Post reported, Eshed is in contact with the Israeli daily Yedioto Ahalonot, Israel and the United States are in contact with aliens, and these aliens exist as part of the “Galaxy Federation.” Eshed, who has been responsible for Israel’s space security program for nearly 30 years and is now a professor, said the aliens and the United States have agreed on a study and understanding of “the structure of space.”These agreements include a shared secret underground base on Mars, where representatives from the United States and foreigners gather. Eshed is “at risk” for President Donald Trump to reveal the existence of this Galactic Federation, but he does because he believes that revealing their existence caused mass hysteria. He said he stopped doing it.

Despite alleged beliefs of the federation, Eshed now decides to reveal this information because of how respected he is in academia and how much academia has changed. I said that.

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“If I had come up with what I was saying five years ago, I would have been hospitalized,” Eshed said. “Today, they are already speaking differently. They have nothing to lose. They have won degrees and awards. They are respected at overseas universities where trends are changing.”

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The Jerusalem Post is in a conversation with Professor Heim Eshed, who explains that more information about this revelation is in Eshed’s latest book, the Universe beyond the Horizon-Aliens have prevented nuclear apocalypse and more. Report that you can find it.

It’s unclear if Eshed has evidence to support his claim-probably in his book-but someone should probably call someone with experience in the Galactic Federation, such as Captain James Kirk. .Just in case.

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