Former rock star boss open world game Everywhere using Unreal Engine

Upcoming open world titles wherever With the move from Amazon’s Lumberyard game engine to Unreal Engine, the official Twitter account for the game was announced today.

It is touted everywhere as an open world game featuring seamless collaborative multiplayer. It is being developed by Build A Rocket Boy, a studio founded in 2017 by former Rockstar North president and lead producer. Grand Theft Auto Until the series Leslie Benjis departs in early 2016. In 2017, former Rockstar North employees Benjies, Matthew Smith and Corinent Whistle began work, and the studio team expanded to more than 400 in Edinburgh and Budapest. November 2020.

Regarding the move to Unreal Engine, Benjis said in a statement: “In the last four years, we’ve been able to build a great team with Build A Rocket Boy and the game is on track. wherever It’s currently running on Unreal Engine. Engine technology has advanced over the last two years, and the Epic Games roadmap offers a great opportunity to create games built on a foundation that will remain at the forefront of the industry for the next few years. ”

The Everywhere platform and release dates for all types have not yet been announced at the time of writing. The screenshots of the game haven’t been shown yet, so it looks like it’s still early days, but don’t worry to hear the details. It will be announced.

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