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Chris Paul set foot in the valley one day, and everything seemed to change after that. But long before Phoenix Suns began worshiping “Point God,” they ran with Ricky Rubio at the point guard spot, bringing his own flare to the team.

During the important NBA off-season of 2019, Rubio signed a three-year deal with Sands, following a stint between Minnesota Timberwolves and Utah Jazz.His arrival in Phoenix led to both a great sigh of relief from his fans and a still talented person, but at the time it was incredibly embarrassing. Devin Booker..

By that time, Booker had never played with promotion point guards and was sad for years. Eric Bledsoe On his side. However, Rubio joined Phoenix and removed the necessary pressure from his shoulders, a well-known creator.

The average number of assists per game in Sands for the 2019-20 season was 8.8, and Rubio came as advertised. His presence helped Booker a lot. He scored the highest points of his career with an average score per game and a percentage mark of field goals. Rubio and Booker also led the way during Phoenix’s famous “Bubble Run”, causing a franchise turnaround and instilling “winning basketball” in the team’s culture.

But just as Rubio played in purple and orange, Sands exchanged him for CP3 two years ago in the summer and made an unsuitable bid for him, but broke up in favor of a clear upgrade. I understood.

Today, Rubio noticed that he was playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cleveland Cavaliers will play Sands at the Footprint Arena this Saturday.But when talking about his impact on Booker a few weeks ago, and another former teammate Donovan MitchellRubio jokingly took all the credits for each player’s promotion to the All-Star level, saying, “Without them, I wouldn’t have been an All-Star. [him].. “

But with humor aside, Rubio called himself “really lucky” to be able to play with both Mitchell and Booker. He also called them “really special” and said he focused his timeless emphasis on helping improve the play of those around him.

Rubio played against Phoenix last year and achieved 21 points, 10 assists and 5 rebounds in a single contest in mid-March. However, his match against Sands this week represents a more accurate “homecoming” for him, with far more fans participating in the contest.

However, Rubio is not solely responsible, Booker’s rise to stardomHe deserved applause from the loyal people of Phoenix and gave them some special moments during his tenure on the team. Frequently fouling, throwing clever finishes, throwing rocks like an artist, Rubio provided highlighting every time he landed on the floor.

He did help Booker to some extent, but he mainly stepped up and played to win for Sands before it became a common practice. Especially once you consider it, you need applause. Everything this franchise has passed The last 10 years.

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Former San Ricky Rubio jokes about its impact on Devin Booker Former San Ricky Rubio jokes about its impact on Devin Booker

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