Former Shadow of Mordor Studio Head Leads EA’s New Studio

EA has announced that it will open a new studio in the Seattle area, led by Kevin Stephens, former Vice President and Studio Head of Monolith Productions.

As reported by, the studio isn’t named yet, but it’s working on an open-world action-game adventure game. Stevens will join the new studio with Samantha Ryan, who worked with Stevens at Monolith and its ultimate parent company, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

EA Chief Studio Officer Laura Miele said in a statement, “Kevin is working with Samantha and a highly talented team at Electronic Arts is adding more depth to the creative group. Kevin is very talented. A leader in game developers and looking forward to supporting him. He will form a team. As a person known for his open world action adventure games, players will learn more about this new studio and its projects. We know that we are eagerly waiting for you. “

However, it seems that it will take some time to hear more about this open world project. Ryan confirms that he is still solving the gist of the studio itself. “We still understand a lot of basic questions. How big is it? Which game? How fast does it grow? Both Kevin and I” correctly “found the studio foundation. I know how important it is. He takes the time to understand everything. When you’re in a hurry, don’t. Give yourself a compassionate time. Why are you in a hurry? “

“I know Kevin very well. I know the kind of quality team he builds and the kind of great games he offers. He needs to be in a hurry to prove something to me. No. Let’s make a great group. ā€EA seems to be promising to tell us more about Stevens’ new studio later this year.

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