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Former Trump Doctor signs a bad case of “Whataboutism”

Thoughts and prayers are for the person in charge. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas), a former White House doctor who has just signed a terrible case of “whataboutism.”

Jackson who served before Donald TrumpPresidential Doctor, apparently didn’t like it Reporter asking if he was vaccinated against the coronavirus Thursday morning. So he accused the questioner of political prejudice.

This question was asked because cases of COVID-19 have tripled in the United States in the past few weeks due to the prevalence of delta variants.At the same time, the majority of the population continues to stubbornly resist vaccination In the onslaught of false alarms -Some of them were spread by the former president’s allies Publicly support the vaccine conspiracy theory..

Jackson did not spit out a conspiracy theory.

Instead, he asked why the reporter chose him over other politicians.

“I think you, as the media, have a responsibility to ask Democrats as well,” Jackson complained. “How many Democrats are willing to say if they have been vaccinated?”

It turns out that the first-year lawmaker made a newcomer’s mistake by asking rhetorical questions without knowing the answer.

As CNN fact checker Daniel Dale pointed out, all Democrats in the House and Senate told the network in May. That they were vaccinated, So you don’t have to ask the question again.

A Democratic politician called out.

Some have pointed out Jackson’s suspicious past.

Others have diagnosed Jackson’s “whataboutism.”

Jackson’s time as a White House doctor was characterized by controversy.

he Became a target of ridicule At a press conference he said Trump’s “Incredibly good genes“He may live to be 200 years old if he has eaten healthier than the last 20 years,” he told the president.

In March, the Pentagon Inspector General was released Biting report Jackson made “sexual and derogatory” comments about women’s subordinates, violated the president’s travel ban on drinking, and took prescription sleeping pills, worried about his ability to provide adequate medical care from his colleagues. I concluded that I did.

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Former Trump Doctor signs a bad case of “Whataboutism” Former Trump Doctor signs a bad case of “Whataboutism”

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