Former Trump Health Appointment Advocates Herd Immunity Strategy, Email Reveals

“Infants, children, teens, adolescents, young adults, unconditional middle-aged people, etc. have little risk from zero, so use them to develop the herd … I want to infect …” added Alexander. It was.

“IAlexander told Food and Drug Administration Steven on July 24 that it might be best to open zones to flood and infect children and adolescents in order to obtain “innate immunity … natural exposure”. .. Hahn, Capto, and eight other senior officials. Capto then asked Alexander to investigate the idea, according to an email obtained by the House Surveillance Commission’s Elective Subcommittee on Coronavirus.

Alexander also argued that the university had to remain open to allow the Covid-19 infection to spread, in an email to Robert Redfield, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on July 27. We basically took off the most powerful weapons on the battlefield … young healthy people, children, teens, young people we needed to be fast [sic] It infects itself, spreads it around, develops immunity, and helps stop it from spreading. “

Alexander was Caputo’s top deputy personally set up by President Donald Trump in April to lead communications activities in the health sector. Officials told POLITICO that he believed he was backed by the White House when Alexander made the recommendation.
“It was understood that he was the spokesman for the White House spokesman Michael Caputo,” said Kyle McGowan, Trump’s appointed chief of staff at the CDC before leaving this summer. It was. “That’s the way they wanted to perceive it.”

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