Former Twitch Streamer Ludwig has stopped from YouTube

YouTube’s latest exclusive streamer, Ludwig Ahgren, has already been suspended on the platform after leaving Twitch and signing an exclusive deal with Google’s rivals. He played the hit nursery rhyme Baby Shark for a few seconds.

As Kotaku reported, Ahgren was doing livestreaming on YouTube when the stream suddenly stopped. As he explained in the video the next day, the reason was that he was supposed to play Baby Shark during the show.

“I was trying to find out what the best YouTube video ever was by watching 50 of the best YouTube videos of the most classic vintage ever … and on the way, I listened to just a few seconds of Baby Shark. I’m not going to listen for another moment because of God’s love. “

Argren called the case a “note to the future” and said he understood how powerful the YouTube copyright system was. “It was banned in the first four days of YouTube and never in the first four years of Twitch, but the increased pain is a bit crazy.”

Called Ludwig, Ahgren is the latest Twitch streamer to sign an exclusive deal with YouTube. Ludwig broke Twitch’s subscriber record when hosting a 31-day non-stop stream earlier this year. Ludwig outperformed Twitch Streamer’s Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, who was previously the most subscribed, by keeping the stream for a whole month.

Ludwig is the latest streamer to register exclusively on YouTube along with other popular names such as Valkyrae, DrLupo and TimTheTatman.

The removal of the DMCA has become an important concern for streamers, regardless of platform. Copyright, especially copyrighted music, can have a serious impact on streamer careers and channels, as multiple violations lead to permanent bans. Even video games with licensed soundtracks are beginning to offer a “streamer mode” that disables licensed music, which has a nasty effect.

Still, the lessons here probably don’t move to Baby Shark’s lawn. Because they come for you.

Matt TM Kim is a news editor at IGN.You can reach him @lawoftd..

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