Former Ubisoft, EA and BioWare developers set up shop as indie developer Yellow Brick Games

Four developers with leadership experience such as Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, and BioWare have collaborated to form Yellow Brick Games, aiming to develop indie games with a “craftsmanship approach”.

The developers of these four founders include Mike Laidlaw, a former Dragon Age creative director who left Ubisoft earlier this year after more than a year in the company. Laidlaw includes Ubisoft Montreal veteran and Sunny Side Up Creative founder Thomas Giroux, former Ubisoft and EA Senior Producer Jeff Skalski, and longtime Ubisoft Quebec game director and designer Frédéric St-Laurent B.

“We learned a lot from working on a world-class multi-year project with thousands of colleagues. We want to take a different approach,” says Yellow Brick COO and Executive. Read the statement of producer Skalski.

“Leverage the little talented teams people come in first to create a great world and experience that everyone else can enjoy. When the market is moving fast and can influence where it goes. I don’t want to catch up and chase after. These goals have driven us to set up YellowBrick Games. ”

Headquartered in Quebec City, Yellowbrick has a staff of 15 developers working remotely in Montreal and other countries. Currently, the team is working on an original game for a new generation of consoles, aiming to maintain the “craftsmanship approach” as the company’s core vision as the team grows.

“We want to emphasize a’returning approach’centered on the joy of creating new gaming experiences in a flexible and more engaging environment that an independent studio can offer,” said Yellow Brick CEO. Read Giroux’s statement. “We have all the resources we have at our disposal to reach our goals.”

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