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former MLW According to the latest report, world heavyweight champion “Philcy” Tom Lawlor is about to finish his promotion after a recent coffin match.

Around FightFul Select, Former UFC Star 2-year contract with the company It will expire soon. He intends to leave the organization once the contract is signed.

Laura has already been written down on television in a recent casket match against King Muertes. The match saw Tom lose to the current Caribbean heavyweight champion.

Internal sources have also confirmed the departure of veteran talent. According to the site, they all appreciated the former champion very much.

Tom Lawlor was previously interested in MMA returns. He said he left the glove in the ring after his final fight with Jordan Young in June, but has not officially retired. Laura won the match with a unanimous decision.

He is now NJPW.. MMA Star made its debut in Japan promotion in July 2020 and became the first ever NJPW strong open weight champion in April this year.

Tom Lawlor made his MLW debut in 2017 and has been one of the top promotional stars ever since. Apart from reigning in the MLW world title, he won the 2018 Battle Riot Match and the 2020 Opera Cup Tournament.

Nothing has been said yet about whether MLW stars are interested in joining WWE or AEW List. We need to determine how his NJPW contract will affect his future plans.

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Former World Champion Tom Lawlor Leaves MLW Former World Champion Tom Lawlor Leaves MLW

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