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According to Championship co-founder Alberto Longo, Formula E is aiming for a record 15 races in the 2020-21 season and is “confident” that fans will be able to attend the event.

The championship was announced yesterday The following six races will be added to the 2020-21 campaign schedule Prior to the final batch of events to be announced in the spring.

In addition to the already confirmed two season-opening night races in Saudi Arabia, the calendar has up to eight races so far, but seven more are planned.

Organized in the midst of a pandemic, a total of 15 surpasses the current highs of FE set during the 2018-19 season, when 13 races were held.

Albertrongo, co-founder and chief championship officer of FE, said of autosport: “We have a very positive and optimistic goal of having 15 races this season.

“This is the season to offer more races in our history.

“While the pandemic is happening, it’s very challenging, you can imagine.”

FE is currently in talks to add races in New York, Berlin and Sanya in addition to the London ExCeL Center (although international events in China are not scheduled until the end of 2021). Also, the first Soul E-Prix will be added to the schedule.

This leaves the possibility that at least one will be a doubleheader if all six pass.
Longo also confirmed that the season is likely to be September. This is the end of the latest FE campaign.

He added that there were “many plans B and C” because FE needs to be “fully flexible”.

This includes backup venues such as Vallelunga, and a permanent circuit is waiting in case the Rome E-Prix cannot be held.

However, Vallelunga is only 20 miles from Rome, so if circumstances change, both can become inoperable at the same time.

However, Longo is confident that fans will be able to participate in several races and has created a revised schedule to accommodate venues that are confident of being open to the public on the premises.

He told autosport: “There are some surprises with this new calendar. [such as the return of Marrakech]..

“These surprises are that races that aren’t on this calendar basically don’t allow us to publish on the site.

“The races on the calendar are because we are confident that we will welcome the general public. [on site].. This is an important factor and an important determinant for us.

“Obviously, there is no confirmation of hosting public release at any of these events until very close to the date.

“But in principle, they agreed that with all the COVID measures we implement, we love to be open to the public.”

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Formula E targets 15 races in the 2020-21 season with fans | Formula E News Formula E targets 15 races in the 2020-21 season with fans | Formula E News

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