Fornite adds “Party Worlds” to provide space to hang out with friends

Fortnite is more than just a game about shooting other players. With the introduction of the new Party World, we are offering more options to those who want to join the game without combat. The new social space aims to focus on hanging out and making friends without the additional pressure of competing in battle royale or turning enemies down to save the world.

Developer Epic Games has released a blog post detailing the concept of Party Worlds, introducing these two places and inviting players to create their own with Fortnite Creative. The space exhibited by Epic is Walnut World, a forest-themed amusement park created by Fortnite players. Five walnut, And a late night lounge, a club-like place created by players TreyJTH..

This post encourages players to create and share their social spaces. Some of them will be highlighted by Epic in Fortnite’s creative mode. However, there are some provisions. The party world is a little different from the hub. The Hub aims to showcase content that you can try, while Party World aims to be a social destination. Epic also details what you’re looking for in a player-created Party World.

  • The party world should not be threatened. They should not focus on combat or damage.
  • Party Worlds should focus on self-expression through emotes, sprays, costume changes, or other mechanics.
  • Party Worlds needs to promote social interaction and provide people with ways to make new friends and team up with existing friends in new ways.

Fortnite has long been known for major social events such as concerts by musicians such as Ariana Grande and the screening of movies such as Inception. With Party Worlds, Epic seems to further push the idea that Fortnite can be a virtual space for people to hang out, rather than a place where they need to participate in competitive gameplay. However, Party Worlds may also include mini games. Other than talking, give the resident something to do.

It’s a way for companies and Fortnite developers to talk about concepts such as “Metaverse,” an idea for an online virtual space that blends social interaction, games, media, and other forms of entertainment (or work) into a sort of online. Is consistent with. life. Epic often describes Fortnite as a “platform” rather than a game. We’re also using Party Worlds to find new ways to relate Fortnite to people who don’t want to use Fortnite in real games. But time tells us if those social spaces will really be popular and how well they will work. For all the headlines Fortnite gets at in-game events, bread and butter remain in the game’s ongoing Battle Royale live game.

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