Fortnite adds dinosaurs and reduces crafting pain • .net

Fortnite’s new primal season got its first update this morning, and dinosaurs are now roaming the island of the game.

Like other wildlife, birds of prey can be tamed with a hunter’s cloak item-if you feel brave enough. But there is no way to command them from the bike.

Fortnite fans have been hoping for the emergence of these dinosaurs since Chapter 2, Season 6, was first launched two weeks ago. The suspicious-looking eggs around the island are slowly cracking, and the sound inside suggests that this was not left by the Easter bunny.

Other changes brought about by tinkering with Fortnite Update 16.10 in Battle Royale’s new crafting system. The two most common resources of the game, animal bones and mechanical parts, are more widely found.

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This season we overhauled Fortnite’s weapon pool and introduced a new “Makeshift” weapon type. You can then use the resources to upgrade to the new Primal or Mechanical variant. However, fans have said that the parts for upgrading these weapons are not common enough to encourage their use-this patch needs to be changed.

In addition, the rarity of some Makeshift weapons reduces the cost of crafting materials. So you can improve these gray weapons faster.


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