Fortnite adds in-game video chat to PC and PlayStation •

Today’s Fortnite update adds in-game video chat streaming from you and your team’s mobile phones.

You need Epic’s free Houseparty app. First, it’s only available on PC, PlayStation 5, and PS4.

So how does it work? Now, once you’ve connected your Fortnite account within Houseparty, all you have to do is create a group chat and lay your phone aside no matter where you are sitting.

A Houseparty technician will find your face and display it in Fortnite’s new on-screen video chat sidebar. The appearance is as follows.

It’s either a very big phone or a very small TV.

This group chat, or house party room, exists simultaneously in the app and in Fortnite. So you can chat with your friends when they are playing, when they are not playing, and vice versa.

You can already stream yourself while playing Fortnite with your friends, but this option is specially designed to control who is attending the video party while keeping your friends on screen. I will. You can only chat with your Houseparty friends and those friends, and those you don’t like can be blocked with just a few taps.

With so many young players in Fortnite, Houseparty is designed for people over the age of 13, especially for video calls centered around your face. The app’s algorithm checks if you can see your face (it’s said to be 2 seconds), switches off the camera if it can’t be placed in the frame, and displays only the digital background.

I asked Epic about the Xbox platform not being included at launch, but it didn’t seem like there was a technical reason for them to be left behind. “At this time, it’s only available on PC and PlayStation (both PS4 and PS5),” Epic added in today’s statement. “Let everyone know if we can support more platforms in the future.”

Today’s update marks the end of Fortnite’s Marvel-only season and will end at the end of the month with an explosive live event and the arrival of a big bad Galactus.

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