Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 is here: Zero Point Adds Baby Yoda, The Mandalorian

how Fortnite One-up Galactus? Bigger: Baby Yoda. Error, blog. FortniteThe fifth season (Chapter 2) of the season began on Wednesday with a new arc called Zero Point. This brings a new hero cast to the game after a major Marvel-themed event last season.

At zero point FortniteThe island is a quirky island of all kinds, bringing a whole new and diverse region to the land. And the cast of the characters feels strange as well. They range from ancient gladiators to winged Gorgons to cell-shaded animated battle angels. Of course, there’s the Mandalorian, his buddy Grog, and the pancake cowboy stack known as Mancake the Fighting Flapjack.

Players can help new characters on the island with quests and prizes and hire them as your allies. Aggressive players can duel new characters for rewards. To pay for these new characters, you need a bar that players can earn by “complete quests and bounties, eliminate players, or find hidden stashes around the island.” You can also buy “new exotic weapons, upgrades, Intel, services, etc.” at these bars.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 also includes new weapons and items such as Dragon Breath Shotgun, Player Tracking Nighthawk, Dinjarin’s Amban Sniper Rifle and Jetpack.

Epic Games teases Agent Jones, the heart of the Zero Point Ark, as seen in the trailer above, bringing “more hunters out of reality beyond.”When Fortnite Marvel, DC, characters drawn from the Star Wars universe, what can we do next?

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