Fortnite confirms God Of War’s Kratos skin after leak

Earlier leaks made it almost official, but Epic Games officially confirmed the big news: God of War Kratos is the latest character on their way to Fortnite. His costumes can be purchased now at the game’s item shop. It is based on the iconic look of the 2018 game. Yes, this is the dad of war. He is ready to get rid of the pain.

You can buy Kratos costumes yourself. You can also get an oathbreaker set from the item shop. The set includes a Guardian Shield Glider and a Leviathan Axe pickaxe (with the first ever pickaxe emotes) and Mir’s back bling.

With the PlayStation exclusivity of the series, PS5 Fortnite players will get a special bonus on Kratos. You can also get Armored Kratos skins by purchasing basic costumes and playing one match on the system. This armor was only available after the God of War Kratos completed some of the most difficult optional challenges. The sequel to the game, God of War: Ragnarok, is currently under development.

The conceit of including Kratos is that it has passed the zero point introduced at the beginning of Season 5, as if it were necessary for the game. Epic Games states that it passed this “first”. More on the way. Based on the obvious leaks we’ve seen, one of those characters could be the Master Chief. The eternal question of who will win the battle between the two heroes may eventually be answered.

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