Fortnite Crew: New Ultimate Subscription Offer

Starting December 2nd, with the arrival of Chapter 2-Season 5, Epic will release Fortnite Crew. This is the ultimate subscription offer that you can’t miss Fortnite content.

By joining Fortnite Crew, members can get all of the following for just £ 9.99 each month:

  • Battle Pass Included in Full Season – As a member of Fortnite Crew, you’ll always have access to this season’s Battle Pass!

  • 1,000 V-Bucks every month – Fortnite Crew members receive 1,000 V-Bucks every month. Use it for your favorite item shop content!

  • Get a new monthly crew pack! – Get the Fortnite Crew Pack, a constantly new outfit bundle available only to Fortnite Crew members.

With the launch of Fortnite Crew on December 2, registered Crew members will be the first to get the Cosmic Llamacorn Pickaxe and Fractured World Back Bling in addition to this all-new exclusive Galaxia Outfit and Style.

Fortnite Crew subscriptions can be purchased at Fortnite from the Item Shop or the Battle Pass purchase screen and players can cancel at any time.

See the FAQ below for more information. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Fortnite Crew FAQ

What’s in the crew pack?

The Monthly Crew Pack always includes new outfits and at least one accessory. All items are for Fortnite crew members only.

What does it mean that Crew Pack is exclusive?

Crew packs and the items they contain are only available to Fortnite crew subscribers. It will not be sold or transferred to members other than the crew.

How do I purchase a Fortnite Crew subscription?

Fortnite Crew subscriptions can be purchased directly from the Item Shop or the Battle Pass purchase screen.

How do I cancel my Fortnite Crew subscription?

You can cancel your Fortnite Crew subscription at any time. Go directly into the game and check out the Fortnite Crew tab to guide you based on your active gaming device.

After cancellation, your membership will remain valid until the end of your current billing period. Holds all previously awarded Battle Passes, V-backs, and crew packs. If you decide to return to Fortnite Crew, you can rejoin the game on any platform.

What if I have already purchased this season’s Battle Pass or Crew Pack items before registering for Fortnite Crew?

If you have already purchased this season’s Battle Pass, your 950 V-Bucks will be refunded to your account.

Can I still buy the Battle Bundle?

The battle bundle has been replaced with the 25 level bundle available in the 1,850 V-Bucks. This offer is available to players at level 75 and below at any time of the season. This bundle can be packaged with the standard Battle Pass when purchased separately, or after purchasing a standalone Battle Pass or as a member of Fortnite Crew.

How do I update my subscription billing information?

See billing instructions for the platform of your choice. If you subscribed on your PC or Android[サブスクリプション]You can update your billing information in the section.

Why doesn’t Fortnite Crew appear in my game?

If you don’t see the Fortnite Crew option in-game after December 2, your platform, country (or combination of both), or available payment methods may not be supported at this time. Over time, we’ll work on adding more options.

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Fortnite Crew: the new ultimate subscription offer

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